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Friday, January 25, 2019

Republic Day Beauty Special Patriotic Looks !!

Republic Day is tomorrow, Are you feeling patriotic!? There are so many reasons to celebrate our country, its heritage, vibrant culture, delicious cuisine, never ending spirit and not to forget its our HOME!!  :)

How about paying homage to the Tiranga (tricolour) the way a beauty blogger knows best!! Play around with the vivid hues of the Indian Tricolour saffron, green, blue and white eyeshadows, lipsticks, eyeliners and lipsticks.

You can create emerald eyes or coral lips or a little bit of everything here’s my guide to being loud, proud and Republic Day ready!  Happy Republic All Of You Indian Beauties!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Foltene Pharma India Anti Hair Loss and Daily Hair Care Solutions

I was recently selected as the Winner for Foltene India Hairsome Contest 2019 for having the most stylish hair on the web. Foltène®PHARMA has a global presence In over 30 countries and it is a well established brand abroad. They specialise in Hair Care and Anti Hair Loss solutions worldwide!!

What do they do?

They Provide Anti-hair loss solutions for women - with Tricalgoxyl®
and Anti-hair loss solutions for men - with Tricosaccaride®

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Loreal Paris X Sabyasachi Limited Edition Aishwarya Rai Collaboration

"This is the first time that L'Oréal Paris is collaborating with an Indian designer. Their previous collaborations were with Balmain and Isabel Marant. Sabyasachi took forward the similarities our two brands had and the result was a classic collection comprising of 10 lip colours, a black eye liner and a volumizing mascara.

Sabyasachi Says: "I don't like women changing their eye shadow every day; instead, one of the most endearing images of women for me has been about individuality and how repetition creates iconicism. Also, not everyone today has the time or the inclination to wear foundation, blush or even a primer. Hence, this collection is perfect for women whose make-up regimen is low maintenance."
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