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Monday, July 2, 2018

Why I Deleted My Facebook Fan Page Permanently #DeleteFacebook

“The Chinese had invented the gunpowder to make firecrackers for celebrations but the Britishers made a bullet out of it “ What a total misuse of an invention!

              "Facebook is just a like a deadly bullet it can completely destroy your life!!" 

"I heard countless stories of Beauty Bloggers/ Yoga Bloggers being harassed on Facebook. There is huge prostitution and BDSM Mistress hunting on Facebook they have their fake pages and nasty profiles." 

Facebook has become a popular tool for sexual harassment!!

#DeleteFacebook was recently top of the trending tweets on twitter recently, however I wasn’t a participant in it because I also stopped using my twitter account after March 2018. There was also a hashtag #womenboycotttwitter trending no.1 in November 2017 because of the abuses and rape threats received by them.

A few days ago I have permanently deleted my Facebook page called “ Surabhi Lal - SparkleWithSurabhi Beauty and Makeup Blog” and let me tell you why?

I created this page in 2011 right after I stepped into the world of Beauty Blogging  in 2011.  In beginning I received a luke warm response but soon my post on floral jewellery became extremely popular I had many unique hits and I received tons of compliments on the post. Not only that I started getting orders for Floral Jewellery so I provided the same for some brides.

Wedding Vows Magazine took my Interview and printed in the middle two sheet spread of the magazine in 2013. Also very soon Smart Indian women a website that recognises Leading Beauty Bloggers also interviewed me for the same.  In 2013 I also did a post of Alta feet which became quite a big success with 8000+ unique hits. Alta is traditionally used in india during festivities, Pooja and Wedding's. It is considered very pious & auspicious to apply Alta and Mehendi in India.

I had received lakhs of compliments on email, Blog, Twitter, Facebook, so many of  readers started calling me the "Goddess of Blogging" or #Digitalgoddess.  

Facebook page was dedicated to me by the name of "Temple of Goddess Surabhi" and "Goddess Surabhi’s Footworshipers".

All My followers who dedicated this page for me, respected and honoured none of them would pass a comment that would sound or feel Indecent..

My Facebook page had 5000+ followers. My blog had unique hits and my Twitter and Instagram was bubbling with compliments. Everything was going good till I got to know that my mother was diagnosed with "Breast Cancer Stage II" in August 2017 and I couldn’t concentrate on the blog or my Facebook page since then. I did post but only occasionally like on my Anniversary, Diwali and around the New Year. I wasn’t able to  concentrate and read all the comments because I was at the Max Cancer Care with my mother for Operation, Chemo and Radiation Sessions. I also had household responsibilities and chores take took away a lot of the attention from my blog page. Everything was going fine. My popularity was only rising on Instagram and Facebook.  Both my page has crossed 5000+ interactive audience. 

In the last month of June 2018, I did a collaboration with a friend,  Shweta Jain for summer airbrush makeup for the audience of Delhi NCR and I shared her number on Facebook so that she can get some clients for makeover. She called me up panicked after two days and she requested to remove her post from Facebook and Instagram as received extremely abusive and insulting calls from Pimps, BDSM Groupies and Gigolos for a session with her. They called her late in the night and harassed her. She was almost into tears when she called me, I told her to file an FIR and block those numbers and I also removed her contact numbers from my Facebook page.  

After that I did a Facebook live and Instagram live sessions to talk to my viewers I received some very weird requests from some of my of viewers. 

Here some questions and my reply:

Do you have a Paypal Account? - NO
Do you do Skype Sessions?  - Huh? Whats a Skype Session?
Show me your feet?  - Ok laters
Show me your Payal? - Ok laters
Show me your Thighs? -  Wait, what did this guy say?
Hello Mistress!!  - Mistress?? WTF mistress ho gi uski maa and I blocked him.
Madam, Do you sell your used socks and shoes? We would love to buy them. - No

Obviously, I said no to most of them, except my fans who wanted to see my feet live on Instagram. I also told them that I don’t share my PayPal details and do not do any pvt Skype sessions. I only come to Instagram live to speak to my Fans Live. After that I saw some of my followers fighting with each other some even fighting for my dignity. I wondered what in the world is happening on my Facebook page and Instagram.

I was also regularly getting harassed by a guy who just come on account and abuse, I would block and report him but then he would again come back with different name after a month. 
I don’t know what kind of psychological problem this guy suffered from. The biggest problem with Facebook is that anyone can come to your page write disgusting things in Hinglish and Facebook’s profanity filter can't understand and block that also there is no filtration of comments, anybody and come type anything on your page you can delete and block them later but on blogger before anything can be published it has to go through the screening of the admin first before it can be published which is not possible on Facebook pages and groups.

After this incident of Instagram and Facebook live, I decided to go through each every and comment since August 2017 when I my mother was diagnosed with Cancer and I couldn’t read them all. Many of them were just compliments for my beautiful feet or the Padmavati Choker that I wore during the release of the movie “Padmavaat” #PadmavatiChallenge which was very popular of Twitter and instagram..

To my horror, I also saw a large number of BDSM Groupies, Pimps, Prostitutes, Mistresses, Gigolos were following my Facebook page with nasty fake name like Malkin Ka Kutta, Malkin Ka doggy, Mistress Manika, Manika ka kurta, Ghulam, Chappal, Jutti even more nastier facebook profile pics with account full of BDSM XXX pornos they had written nasty comments right at bottom of my posts like -

Mistress when can I meet you?
Mistress how to contact you?
Tomar Rate Taka? - In Bengali 
I will offer you INR 45000/- and hour for a femdom session.
I lick your feet, I suck your feet.
Madam Madam make me your doggie..
Madam mujhe apna kutta bana lo, Apke pair chatna chahtha hoon..
Kash mein apka doggie hota... Apke kadmo mein rehta..
Please sell me your used socks and shoes.
Madam, I have business proposition please sell your used shoes. In partnership with me 1000 ka bejenge, 800 apke...200 mere!!

I was shocked to see that all these perverts had commented right at the bottom of all 20 or 30 comments of my each post and since I was in Cancer Care Hospital with my mom, I never got the chance to read all the comments. This was 100% sexual harassment on Facebook fan pages!!

"I was surprised to see that such a large number of 200+  illiterates and criminals were following my page just because they found my feet pictures very attractive. I have posted about 5-6 articles on shoes and feet care on my beauty blog which became very popular and my followers admired my beautiful feet, I was surprised that these BDSM groupies didn’t even read my blog nor did they knew that I was very popular blogger. my feet pics were eye candy for them which they were ogling at!!!

It seems like that beautiful feet pictures are an instant attraction for the feet fetish and BDSM Groups, though the reason of posting my feet picture was to only for married women so that they can take care of their feet at home."

“It reminded me of the fact that the Chinese had invented the gunpowder to make firecrackers for celebrations but the Britishers made a bullet out of it “ What a total misuse of an invention!!"

I had posted my feet pictures decorated with Alta and Mehendi so that married women can also make their feet beautiful at home and keep them pretty, take care of them. My target audience was always married women and men.

In India Applying Mehendi, Alta and wearing anklets is the right of passage of every married women. Since when did these things belonging to the 16 singar of the (devi maa) Indian Goddesses become fetish and right and sign of the mistresses?

All  Indian Goddess feet are decorated with Anklets, Alta or Mehendi which part of their Solah Singar our tradition, so do these BDSM Mistress hunters look at the goddess in the same way? How shameful is their behaviour that they labelled such a pure thing of pride for a married women into feet fetish?

Lord Krishna Applying Alta for Radha

I banned around 200+ followers with fake followers with loathworthy names off my Facebook page, even after that I realised that the bad traffic did not stop. I did not post my feet pics for Bdsm or for feet fetish. I only posted my feet pics because it's our Indian tradition to decorate feet with Alta or Mehendi.

I do not need such followers or pages where a woman is not respected. Facebook is definitely not respectable place for a respectable blogger. No beauty blogger should post her beautiful pictures on Facebook because sooner or later once you become very popular and famous, the bad crowd will also flock to your page and they will misbehave with you.

I have heard countless stories of Beauty Blogger's being harassed on Facebook. There huge crowd on Facebook into prostitution and BDSM/ Mistress hunting. They have millions of pages and profiles. 

They fix there rates on Whattsapp or Facebook messenger and meet up for their dirty means of earning bread. These days mistresses are very popular on Facebook they offer femdom sessions of extreme sodomy and post their feet pictures to attract clients. Their client pay them from INR 3000/- to 45000/- an hour to be beaten and humiliated by them which includes lashing, whipping, bondage and extreme sodomy.

After going through the nasty and fake profiles of these BDSM groupies/ Mistresses and Escort services I wanted to puke!!. There are literally millions of dirty pages on Facebook where you can a book a Prostitute, Mistress, Dominant or Slave into BDSM. Facebook is definitely not a page for you pretty daughter and to have your fan page.

I say delete Facebook fan pages and get rid of this dirty traffic as there is no other means to stop them. If possible report them and block each and one of them, like I did!!
If you still want to be on Facebook. Do not post your pictures and keep your profile on high privacy with your caricature or your favourite pet as the profile picture. Do not add random strangers to your Facebook as they can be a criminal, a psychopath or a rapist!!


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  1. Sorry to learn about your ordeal.
    Social Media can be a nightmare.
    Hope your mom is better. My prayers are with her.
    Take care.

    1. Thank-you for your support and understanding! Mom has fully recovered out of Cancer, she's doing fine.

  2. I got what you mean , thanks for posting .Woh I am happy to find this website through google. best backlinks

  3. Sorry to hear abt ur Mom dear, abhi kaisi hain wo ?
    Aapne ek sath kitna jhela, isiliye nahi thy
    Main bhi March 2018 se kuch isi tarah ki situation me thi till Sep-Oct, abhi thoda thik hai, details yehan nahi likh sakti
    Hope ab sabke sath sab accha ho 🤗🤗

    1. Mom has fully recovered out of breast cancer stage2 at the age 60!! :) Has char mean ajj kal ek cancer ka marij hai, cancer doesn't kill the patient it kills the whole family. I hope app to this ho?


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