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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Keya Seth's Alta Review

Alta from Keya Seth’s Aromatherapy is a natural, ayurvedic, chemical free red dye. Once you open the bottle, its like a fragrance of a bouquet of fresh flowers or more like roohaafza but please don’t drink it!.

Apply it on it hands and feet and get ready for celebrations in 15 minutes... pronto!!

Keya Seth’s Alta is available for the price of INR Rs 125/- in a beautiful bottle with golden box. she is a leading aromatherapy specialist and designer from Kolkata. You can place an order for her products online with her website. The delivery is pretty speedy, I received the alta and sindoor packed nicely in bubble box for safety in a week’s time.

About Keya Seth

“Keya Seth is a Aromatherapist brought up in Kolkata educated herself from different premier Institutions of India and abroad in the field of Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Spa. Her keen interest in the field of Beauty and Wellness made her start her career in  Aromatherapy from her beauty clinic ‘Priyadarshini’ way 14 years back. In her voyage, through these years she has successfully cured many problems by her indigenous research in Aromatherapy. After years of extensive research,  she came out with her remedies and formulas and started her company, Keya Seth Aromatherapy back in 2004 with a range of products in the field of Skin, Hair and treatment products.”

The bottle comes with a rectangular sponge applicator, this leads to less wastage of the product as you do not have to pour the alta liquid in container before application. Apply it directly from the bottle with the sponge applicator but be very careful while handling as you can spill the entire product over your self or on the floor.

This product amazes me as I applied the alta on this diwali and I was pretty tired, after the application I started feeling wonderful and fresh again I think it must the lovely aromatherapy oils in this product which totally relaxed me, also I did not need to apply any perfume on me as my feet were already fragrant after one application.

Alta products available in the market are chemical based and are light red in colour, you will need to apply them twice to get a dark red colour. Whenever I use to apply these alta’s I noticed some cracks on my soles which I totally hated however this was not the case in keya seth’s alta. 

The red dye is very bright and dark crimson with just one application, it stayed on my feet for 5 days  even after diwali and left a light pink tint. I did not notice any damage or cracks on my feet with this product. Totally in love with it!!

After 5 days of application a light tint pink is still there on feet.

Advantage of Keya Seth’s Alta

  •            Affordable
  •            100% Natural, Chemical Free
  •            Bright Crimson Red Dye
  •            Beautiful Packing
  •           Sponge applicator included
  •           Easily Available
  •           Only one application required
  •           Long staying
  •           Aromatic
  •           Did not damage or crack my soles


  • Spreads very quickly, apply fast with a stable hand if you want to create designs.

"Keya Seth’s Alta is aromatic and ayurvedic formulation, its fragrance relaxes and energises you as well as I did not notice any damage or cracks on my feet with the use of this product. Totally in love with it!!"

To see more picture of my alta feet visit this page: Alta for Beautiful Feet

Price: INR Rs 125/-

Jewellery: Tribe By Amrapali


  1. Alta ka colour n bottle to bahut acchi hai 👍👍 sabse acchi baat hai ki sponge applicator bhi sath me hai 👌👌

  2. Thank-you, yes the sponge applicator is a big help!!

  3. Can you do a video of you walking with jhanjhars on both feet? Alta feet with toe rings and hangars and the chham chham of functions would be a treat

    1. I am planning to start my own you tube channel soon, so may be as a vlogger I can create some magic as well!!

  4. Can you do a video of you walking around with anklets with bells that tinkle with every step? Would love to see Alta, toe rings, jhanjhars and hear the chham Chham of ghunhgroos

    1. I am planning to start my own you tube channel soon, maybe I can feature this!!


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