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Monday, November 6, 2017

Alta for beautiful feet and festivities!

                               "Walk as if you are kissing the earth with your feet"

Lets change the quote - "The best men in all ages keep the the traditions alive!" to "The best women in all ages keep the traditions alive!"

Applying Alta on feet is an age old Indian tradition even before mehendi was introduced by Mughals from Persia. Every year I get special requests from my readers to apply Alta on my feet, I guess now it has become a tradition on my blog to do so :)

Thank-you my lovelies for your continuous support and love.

I have used Aromatic and Ayurvedic Alta from Keya Seth, its extremely fragrant and applies really dark red in one stroke of application, it stays for you feet for 2 days and then it further lightens to pink tint...

Special request  from my readers was black and red combination with Amrapali mirror anklets, so I thought why not?

I am wearing three different anklets all made out of silver.

  • Silver anklets with crystal beads
  • Silver mirror Anklets from Tribe by Amrapali
  • Silver chandrika Anklets from Tribe By Amrapali
  • Toe rings from chandrika collection 

There was another special request for Black nail polish and Alta, I will be doing that soon too... Keep your traditions alive enjoy the festivities!!

Jewellery: Tribe By Amrapali Chandrika Collection

Alta: Keya Seth

Nail paint: Maybelline Colour Show


  1. your feet are really gorgeous, also they loot so pretty from side, in future please take more pic from the sides... for example the 3rd pic of this post.

  2. Hum bhi festivals per aalta lagatey hain, per aapke uper bahut hi accha dikh raha hai 😊

  3. your feet remind me the feet of Goddess Radha, you have most beautiful and divine feet in the world, I feel like i am in a temple worshiping a divine Goddess every time i see your feet Surabhi Ji, I think your feet awake bhakti bhaav in people that is why so many people pray at your feet and worship them.

  4. there is only one word to describe your feet - Divine


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