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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

4 Miraculous Natural Oils that will Make Your Winter Skin Beautiful

As the winter is coming, a lot of beauty conscious women start looking for solutions to keep their skin in a beautiful and glowing condition. This is mainly because the humidity levels in winter months are going to drop off. The drier the air, the higher moisturizer it sucks from the skin, making skin even drier and flakier. Instead of relying on conventional skin care products, you can give a try to natural oils to keep your soft and supple naturally. A lot of women usually avoid using oils because of its greasy nature, but what they do not know is that there are also several good natural oils which easily penetrate into the skin and making skin glowing, smooth, and flawless without living any slimy residue. Continue reading to know about the four miraculous natural oils which you can give a try this winter to keep your skin in a healthy condition. 

Argan Oil 

Renowned as liquid gold, argan oil is extracted from the dried kernels of Argania spinosa through cold pressing method. Native to Morocco, this natural oil has been used for centuries for beauty and personal care. People, from centuries, use this oil for treating skin infections, rashes, bug bites, and for keeping the skin in a glowing condition. The use of this miracle oil is not limited to Morocco. Men and women throughout the world use it as an effective natural moisturizer for skin. Packed with potent skin care properties like anti-oxidants, Vitamin E, omega 3 fatty acids, linoleic acid, moisturizer, and anti-inflammatory properties, argan oil effectively on hydrating even the driest skin. Use this oil regularly before going to bed to keep your skin look soft, supple, and smooth. 

Jojoba Oil 

Another natural oil which you can give a try is jojoba oil. This miracle oil for skin is extracted from the seeds of plant Simmondsia chinenis and is commonly used as a natural skin moisturizer to nourish, hydrate, and soften the skin. Its great moisturizing and antioxidant properties are proven quite beneficial in giving skin a natural boost. The cold or dry air in winter dries out the skin at a faster rate which in result makes skin look dull and poor. Being a waxy substance, jojoba oil locks moisture and protect skin from other environmental factors. Take a few drops of this oil in your palm and gently apply it all over your skin to keep your skin soft and smooth. 

Cedarwood Oil 

This essential oil is proven a blessing for those struggling with Eczema during the winter season. As the skin loses moisture during the winter season, the conditions of Eczema become worse during these months. Extracted from the plants of Cedarus deodora through steam distillation method, the essential oil of cedarwood is praised throughout the world for its great skin care properties. Enriched with potent anti-inflammatory properties, the cedarwood essential oil alleviates the inflammation caused due to eczema. Being anti-fungal, it is also proven quite effective in healing blister and cracked skin. Add a few drops of this oil in your regular skin care location and apply it regularly over the affected area to get instant relieves. 

Carrot Seed Oil

Obtained from the seed of Daucus carota plant through cold pressing method, this oil is considered as a great natural skin rejuvenator. Carrot Seed oil is a great source of moisturizing vitamin E and protective vitamin C that penetrate deep into the skin layers and rejuvenate the appearance and feel of the skin. Its great skin brightening properties rejuvenate the dull skin cell, making skin look soft, supple, glowing, and smooth. Mix a few drops of this oil in your regular skin care location and apply it on your skin before going to bed to get a soft, tined, and supple skin. 

Give a try any of these natural oils to keep your skin in a beautiful condition during the winter season. But, before using any of these oils, you should take a skin test to find the best oil for your skin. Buying these oils in their purest form is the only way to get the best benefits. 


  1. Argan n Jojoba oil main hamesha use karti hu 👍👍 thanks for sharing dear, baaki dono essential oil bhi use karke dekhti hu 😊

  2. Hi. Informative post. What moisturizer and serum you suggest at age of 38 in this winter. Please do some post on skin care regimen for winters


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