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Friday, June 23, 2017

Chandrika Coin Charm Anklets Tribe By Amrapali

I love silver jewellery, you must have seen a lot of silver collection on my blog. One of the favourite silver jewellers are Amrapali. Tribe By Amrapali is a leading online shop for silver jewellery, most of its jewellery is gold plated however one its collection Chandrika is all traditional silver enamel jewellery.

It will blacken over the time if you do not keep it in its silk pouch provided by them. It does have its own charm and particularly loved the anklets and its toe rings.

There are two different types of anklets in Chandrika collection

The one that I purchased accidentally was the Coin Charm Anklets though I wanted to buy the Square Charm ones. So please be careful while placing an order with them as you can easily get confused with their design patterns. Many of the them are very similar to each other.

These ones are also very beautiful as you can see them I have enjoyed wearing them for some time. Multi Enamel Coin Toe Rings are also very comfortable and can be adjusted according to your needs.

"These anklets are very comfortable and lightweight suitable for daily wear!"

Collection: Chandrika
Metal: Silver 
Brand: Tribe by Amrapali
Design: Coin Charm Anklets and Multi Enamel Coin Toe Rings
Nail Polishes: Hard Candy by Ambika Pillai No 17 (Black)
                         Hard Candy Ambika Pillai No 15 (Blue),
                        Colorbar 75 Night Fiery (Black with Silver Sparkles)
Nail polish Brand Website: Ambika Pillai Candy Nails
Price:  Anklets INR Rs 2000/- & Toe Rings INR Rs 500/-


  1. Kitna pyaara aur unique design hai 👍👍
    Aapke uper bahut accha dikh bhi raha hai 👌👌

  2. absolutely gorgeous again once more I appreciate the efforts you put in your photos. most lovely photos on entire internet ever. IF possible pls post some with heels .thank you

  3. very lovely creation as usual but more beautiful thanks for sharing. happy karvachauth to you both


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