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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Ambassador for the Divine Feminine Art Project (The Shroud of Turin)


Bishop Ralph Napierski is looking 1008 women to receive the real part of the Shroud Of Turin. He creates art with real parts of the Shroud of Turin. He recently selected me as one of the Holy Mother Ambassadors for the his project and he also created an artwork of my feet as shown above left.

What is the Shroud of Turin?

The Shroud Of Turin

The Shroud of Turin is the greatest treasure of mankind.

It is the shroud in which Jesus Christ has been wrapped in when He resurrected from death.
The Divine Feminine filled Jesus with the Light of Life.

This light of Life emitted from His body and holographed His image into the Shroud.
Till today this holy shroud is radiating this amazing energy.

Millions of people visit the Shroud of Turin, when it is exhibited for a few days, every century and have life transforming experiences.

To make this enlightening Light of Life available to mankind, Pope Clement XII and Pope Benedict XIV started a very special project in the 18th century.

They extracted parts of the Shroud of Turin (top left and right corner) to spread them all over the world to make the Shroud and its energy available to mankind. 

Till today this parts of the shroud are not made available to the public.

But now I received one of this parts of the Shroud of Turin.

He is continuing this great project of the two popes and make with this art project, the Shroud of Turin and this amazing energy available for mankind.

Bishop Ralph Napierski

Bishop of the Catholic Church.
In union with the Roman Catholic Church and under the
primacy of the pope.

Bishop Ralph has been consecrated by Bishop Athanasius.
Bishop Athanasius has been consecrated by Bishop Roux.
Bishop Roux has been consecrated by Archbishop Thuc.
Archbishop Thuc has been ordinated as a legate by Pope Pius XI.

This unbroken chain of consecrations with laying hands on is going back to Jesus Christ and is called apostolic succession. 

The Divine Feminine Art Project:

He put a real part of the Shroud of Turin into precious jewelry. 

This amazing jewelry with the part of the holy shroud inside, radiates this life transforming energy: the Light of Life.

1008 women have the chance to receive a pendant with a real part of the Shroud Of Turin inside! 

These women will wear the pendant with the part of the Shroud of Turin around their neck and where ever they go, they will bring this amazing energy which radiates and blesses everybody who is open to receive this amazing gift. These women will bring to us the light to transform us and to give us enlightenment.

Divine Feminine Art Project:

With the feet of this 1008 women he creates art.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”
Romans 10,15

He created an art of my feet as well after being chosen as an Ambassador for the Divine Feminine Art Project. This Art contains a real part of The Shroud of Turin. I will be also receiving a precious jewellery with the real part of The Shroud of Turin inside with a Blessing from the Holy Mother and Jesus Christ.

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”
Psalm 119,105

He also created an online Temple of me as he believe that the Holy Mother choose me to spread her divine feminine energy! 


Here you can apply
to receive a real part of the Shroud of Turin: 

You can also support this project and donate.
Already with 1 USD each month you can make a difference in the life of many!



Always Remember that Jesus & Holy Mother Loves You!!


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  2. Great, ye to bahut honour ki baat hai 💐💐💐💐💐 congratulations dear 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  3. I cannot describe how grateful I am for the beautiful prayers and words on your online temple. For five days, I have kneeled everyday before the Miraculous Art, and sought refuge at your feet. And each time, my prayer has been answered. You are truly a form of God on Earth. I did not believe before this I would ever rediscover religion, but I know now that God is with us, and your holy feet can bring me to him. I kneel now at your holy feet, and beg you to bless me so that I may always turn my thoughts to you in humble prayer, devotion and worship.
    Blessed are those who pray at your feet..!

    1. Thankyou so much for so much respect and love!

    2. Surabhi lal please grant me your permission to start worshipping your lotus feet. Thank you. Please send me a photo of your lotus feet that I can prostrate myself to.

    3. Surabhi lal please grant me your permission to start worshipping your lotus feet. Thank you. Please send me a photo of your lotus feet that I can prostrate myself to.


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