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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Crystal Anklets On A Beach Date

I saw these beautiful set of crystal anklets online couple of months ago. I have seen many designs of anklets  for sale but these ones were exceptionally beautiful and affordable!

The quality that attracted me most towards these were that you could wear them as  bracelets or anklets.  “Totally Radical” multipurpose piece jewellery that you can wear on a dinner date or on your wedding. 

This piece of jewellery transforms your simple little black dress into a designer wear.  Trust me once you wear these you look like a  glamorous doll who becomes the centre of attraction at any occasion. I got an eyeful myself believe me. Men and women approached me to know where they could buy these for themselves as they were just to irresistible.

I celebrated my Christmas and New Year 2016 in Mombasa, Kenya. My short vacation stay was at the beautiful Cowrie Shell Apartments on Bamburi Beach. These anklets was an awesome accessory for christmas dinner on the beach.

Since Valentines Day is coming, I recommend these crystal anklets to all women who love their feet!!!

Care for your jewellery:

Do Not Wash.
Do not dip your feet in water while wearing these as the polish on gold polish can rub off 
keep them separately in a bubble packing, if you wish keep them nice and shiny for many years to come.
Clean them with a dry tissue or soft cloth.

My personal experience

I received these anklets in excellent condition within 40 days of purchase through India Post. They were directly mailed to my address from the China Seller. 

Packing was very good in a bubble bag. I recommend Ali express seller: Best Lady Jewellery Store

Thank-you Aliexpress !!! 

You can purchase these anklets from “Aliexpress”  A shopping app by Alibaba

Price: INR 1500/- a pair

Location: Cowrie Shell Beach Apartments, Bamburi Beach, Mombasa


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    1. This is a beauty blog, if you are into mistress hunting and Bdsm please stay away from my blog in future!!

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