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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Junaili The Himalayan Apricot Oil

We all to go Himalayas for Pilgrimage and for relaxation. What if something really precious from the Himalayas could walk up to you and make your day?  What if you can get the benefits of Himalayan Ingredients at the comfort of your home?

Introducing, Junaili Apricot oil is made in the Himalayas from the finest apricots, this moisturising Body Oil is rich in Omega 6 & 9 and Anti-Ageing vitamins A & E. 100% pure and chemical-free, it is an Ayurveda remedy for joint pain and eczema.

This is a 100% pure cold pressed  Apricot oil and is extracted in Village Khardhura, District Nainital. Junaili is a family owned small scale business, Made In India with highest quality assurance.

Team Junaili believes in community trade therefore ensuring the Apricots are purchased directly from the farmers of Village Khardhura, which provides a new means of livelihood for them and help them economically. This is a natural and a organic product, Never tested on animals.

The purity of this oil can be seen in dainty see through bottle which is "Crystal Clear".

 'Junaili' means 'moonlight' in Pahadi. The logo, designed as a yantra, represents the full moon.

Apricot Tree in Rautakhet, Village Khardhura, District Nainital. 

"Where the Sky meets Earth!"- Rauthaket, Nanital.

Apricot Seed Collection at Village Khardhura, District Nainital. They buy their seeds directly from farmers to ensure high quality and freshness.

Pure Apricot Oil has many health benefits since it is rich in anti-angeing vitamins A&E and nourishing omega 6&9 it works as remedy for joint pain and eczema. It's non greasy and moisturising. 

It can be also used as a Baby Massage oil, safe for the delicate skin of babies as it has no preservatives or chemicals.

Beauty Tips:

Pour some Junaili cold pressed  Apricot oil in a small bowl. Heat it for 10 seconds in a microwave. Apply it all over your body, fifteen minutes before taking a bath. This make your skin glow and also help you loose stubborn weight.

Oil is absorbed to the deepest layers of skin as compared to regular moisturisers.

My Review:

"Junaili Apricot oil is very nicely packed and manufactured with highest standards of purity. This oil is crystal clear and non-sticky, absorbs in your skin in just a few seconds. Just pour a few drops of oil in your hands and gently message on your face, arms, legs and feet for an instant glow."

Team Junaili believes in community trade therefore they ensure that the Apricots are purchased directly from the farmers which provides a new means of livelihood for them and help them economically. Non of the Junaili products are tested on animals making them 100% Cruelty free. Since it also has therapeutic values, application of this oil will make sure that you never suffer from any skin infections or body pain. This is a paraben and chemical free product and is affordable." 

I applied some oil on my feet and took some pictures, what do you think? 

Some More Reviews by Junaili Customers:

To read more interesting reviews please their Facebook page:  @junailirautakhet

To purchase online visit this link:

Price INR 600 for 240ml, Cruelty Free.

(Photography By: Anshumen Sen for Team Junaili)

"I hope you enjoy your journey with Junaili, Glow like the Moon!!"


  1. I have never used apricot oil directly on skin. Though did use some oil concoction which had apricot oil in it. Loved your review.


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