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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!!!

Dear Friends and Followers,

Yesterday, I received a lot of requests on Twitter to upload some pictures for Akshay Tritiya 2016. So today thought about uploading a quick feet post. I do not post pictures on altafeet or feet so frequently because I wanted my blog to be blend of everything beautiful from makeup to luxury. I also added a lifestyle section over the years.

I generally receive so many requests for feet posts that sometimes it becomes very disappointing for not receiving as many for my other posts as well on which I worked equally hard on at the same time it is very flattering to receive so many compliments around the world..

Thankyou for unstoppable and unconditional love,  sometimes I feel that my blog is more popular for my feet pictures rather than the content that I write!!

Here some more pictures that I clicked today; A Belated Akshya Tritiya to you all!!


  1. if God can grant me one wish, I will ask him to turn me into your foot stool so i could be under your Heavenly feet .....

  2. mujhe plz apne kadmo mai sajda karne ki ijazat de dijiye .....i will be blessed

  3. I would be real greatful if goddess surabhi just took me as her footwear cleaner; that would be my biggest job satisfaction

  4. surabhi could i ask if you like wearing payal normally or only on occasion? How many payals do you own? if it is possible to see you wearing more payals? Kash meri jewellery shop hoti. I would take you as my model Apake paron se touch karke har payal har ring uniqe ho jati hai. trust me. Please load more pictures if you dont mnind. thank you

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