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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Akshaya Tritiya!!!

Dear Friends and Followers,

Yesterday, I received a lot of requests on Twitter to upload some pictures for Akshay Tritiya 2016. So today thought about uploading a quick feet post. I do not post pictures on altafeet or feet so frequently because I wanted my blog to be blend of everything beautiful from makeup to luxury. I also added a lifestyle section over the years.

I generally receive so many requests for feet posts that sometimes it becomes very disappointing for not receiving as many for my other posts as well on which I worked equally hard on at the same time it is very flattering to receive so many compliments around the world..

Thankyou for unstoppable and unconditional love,  sometimes I feel that my blog is more popular for my feet pictures rather than the content that I write!!

Here some more pictures that I clicked today; A Belated Akshya Tritiya to you all!!

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