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Monday, March 28, 2016

Tanishq Mia!!! Mama Mia, I love going to work!!!

Mia by Tanishq is a collection of lightweight 14k and 18k Gold jewellery crafted for the confident, corporate woman. For the Mia woman, no two days at work are ever the same. Whether it's managing a busy schedule, presenting at a board meeting … the Mia collection offers an impressive variety of options for every occasion at the office.

You can complete your corporate look with a necklace that could double up as a bracelet, boost your confidence with a sleek pair of earrings or gift your wife a gorgeous piece from Mia on her birthday,

I have been a proud owner of Mia by Tanishq for the last 4 years, I am really in love with the collection, it is light weight and heavenly to look at you can wear on any casual day or everyday to office,  Matches perfectly with Sarees, Suits and Western  Outfits in case you wish to wear it..

Since this is just 18k gold, It has a very subtle shine and looks great even on a very bright day!! These earrings were a gifted to me in which Diamonds are set in 18k Gold Approx. INR  42000/- (Gold rate is subject to change as per market rate everyday.)

Ain't they a little different? They look like a string human DNA!!! :)

These were a anniversary gift by my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed wearing them.. All Tanishq Jewellery has a great resale price in case you wish wind them up after a few 4-5 years. The diamond rate can also decrease and increase as per market value. Please check your local Tanishq store about the current gold and diamond rates. The most beautiful quality of Mia is that this jewellery is very delicate to look at and to wear so women of all ages can wear this whether you are a teenager or 40+ women. Tanishq Mia will look great on you no matter what you wear!

Below are some of the pictures of the earrings that were gifted to me and also of some of the collection!!

Human DNA?????? LOL

I am sure you have fallen in the love with the jewellery already, indulge in Tanishq Mia today and don't forget your pics on Twitter !!

Go ahead, get #SocialAtWork!

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  1. OMG! These earrings are awesome. You look stunning, really! What concerns jewellery, the key factor is to stick within your comfort zone and to keep your personal fashion style. Personally, I adore and feel very comfy wearing silver. I've recently ordered stunning silver rings on and feel very self-confident with them.


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