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Sunday, February 28, 2016

IVA By Tanishq Be-IVA-LICIOUS!!!

IVA is a return to the whimsical creativity and fluid naturalness of human expression. The collection manifests the way art and colour plays a role in our lives. Bound by a carefree, bohemian attitude through every piece of the collection, here minimalism flirts with flamboyance and free lines intersect with doodles to form artistic networks and versatile pieces of jewellery. IVA is a collection custom-made for the fashion-forward woman who knows that confidence is her best accessory.

I purchased the 18k Yellow Gold Topaz Hoop Earrings from Tanishq C.P. last year, I have been wearing them over a year now and here is my review for IVA Earrings. The IVA collection is very delicate and looks beautiful with almost any outfit whether Indian or western.

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