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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Top 10 Beauty Blogs In India!!

Yayy!! The list of Top Ten Beauty Bloggers in India are out and I am one of the them!!

I was recently chosen by Times of India and Rebateszone as the Top 10 Beauty Blogs in India also among the Top 10 Bloggers by Blogadda as well. The list included Top 50 Beauty Blog of India and I was place at the Ninth Position in India.

The details were published yesterday on September 15, 2015 to see the other Top 50 Blogs of India Please visit this link: Top 50 Beauty Blogs India

Here the published screenshots of the article...

Opinion poll of women who have been reading the Top 50 Beauty Blogs on India.

  • 1-out of three Women refuse to leave home without makeup.
  • 44% Increase in Nail Polish care sales.
  • 4% of women consider them beautiful

One of the Top 10 Bloggers By Blogadda as well (ScreenShot) 

One of the Top 10 Bloggers By Blogadda (ScreenShot) 

I couldn't have been more happier, I feel like that I am on the Top the world right now. I have been working really hard since 2011 to make my blog the best and it is finally being appreciated at a national and global level...

Thank-you so much Dear, Readers for making "Sparkle With Surabhi" such a big success!!

                                                                 Lots of Love!!

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