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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#famestarsLIVE by #fame Liv Your Fame !!!

I was invited to the #famestarsLIVE event by #fame app  on  Sunday 30th of August at the Strikers Pub and Lounge, Ambiance Mall. Where all the #famestars of Delhi were invited.  When I received the invitation through The Blogmint I was quite skeptic as whether the event would be worth to visit, since my last event Fashion Fab Fifty last year was bit of mild experience not because of Blogmint but  because some bloggers who considered themselves superior and others inferior not worth talking too. They introduced themselves with a Hi!! and then disappeared to corner of a room in a small group.. I wondered what they were doing at a Blogger Meet if they don’t wish to socialize.

It came as a shock to me that, how can bloggers be not friendly? Whereas it should be vice-versa. Bloggers should communicate more as blogging is all about sharing information. So I thought that #fame event will be just another meet where Blogmint would probably treat us delicious beverages and amazing hospitality as usual and I would end up speaking with the host more than the Bloggers just like in the last event.

So I entered the venue, the event was about to begin and I was seated on table on 3 luckily with two friendly people including a Blogger Nikky AKA NJkinny who was also one of the  #BloggerDreamTeam Winner  along with me. She recognized me instantly it was quite a relief, finally I met some bloggers who wish to communicate at a blogger meet and then came Ankit AKA GadgetWala from #fame “ Hey, Surabhi Great to meet you!!”  I thought… Wow, another friendly face that recognizes me this is going to be a great day!!

A small and exclusive event for 50 top #Famestars of Delhi and the guests of honour were Pavleen Gujral who is starring in movie called Angry Indian Goddesses” , Raja Sen the famous movie critic and Ayaz Memon cricket commentator and you can watch them all LIVE on #fame …

The event was hosted by none other than Ankit famous by the name #Gadgetwala  on #fame app itself and hosted the show by introducing himself and what the app was about to the audience and why it is going to future of entertainment…The Power Of Live Video!!!

Ankit explained to the audience that the new generation is completely different from the audience that loves to watch television. They decide for themselves what they would like to watch rather than going by the TV GUIDE, In olden times people use to manage their work according to their favourite shows now they choose what and whom to watch after their work is over…The new generation is way more smarter and internet friendly..

The 4G Generation lives on wifi and extra batteries with them  such as 5000Mah, 8000mAh…they want to be on the move and do not want their batteries to drain out when they travel around the world. They eat, sleep and drink internet…the entire world is open for them to explore. The three biggest fears of the new generation 0% battery, No Wifi and No Signal. Which no one wishes come across and to forget it and get rid of such problems just like a Nightmare!!...

I quite enjoyed the introduction round and the free wifi  all thanks to Blogmint and Stikers Pub and Lounge… which definitely helped in live tagging and Instagram.   They also started serving some starters and refreshment and loved my virgin mojito…. While I tagged, also I striked some great conversation with Nikita and Ankita, Once the Introduction was over.

After some time the guests of honour were welcomed on the stage and were asked about their perceptions on the #fame app as they in their in time of struggle did not have such apps available which would give them a break to introduce themselves to a large audience instantly and become famous hence the app is called #fame.

Mr. Ayaz Mamon said in his younger days they had to wait to place a trunk call and there was no such thing as email, internet or cellphones and in the case Mr. Raja Sen he had to knock doors to get a break, and apps like fame introduces to new talent minus the struggle. Pavleen Gujral said she was present to promote her movie and she thought that #fame is a great way to promote movies and yourself to the younger audience instantly. Also she said that the news of movie her #AngryIndianGoddesses being launched was first published on the news website and was published a week later in nSo definitely believes the the #LIVE media or Internet has definitely more power than the print media!!  And we all agreed with them...

Once Q & A with our guests was over, I saw more friendly faces from the #fame team recognizing me  also I had little tete-a-tete with the Mr. Irfan Khan from Blogmint, about my views on the app and how it is going to change to future of entertainment. It was quite nice talking to him. I also met Ankit again got a selfie and amazing star from #fame Abhiruchi who has more than 10000+ followers and she has just signed her album, as she got her first collaboration or break through the app itself.. Would love to see you in Bollywood Abhiruchi, Best of Luck!!

Abhiruchi sang on the Live telecast of the app on the display screen and also LIVE on the stage which  was a delight.  Such friendly and lively atmosphere at the #famestarsLIVE  Delhi meet and I dint even notice four hours just passed by  as if I blinked..

Lovely Gifts - 8800 mAh Battery and 7GB #fame Pendrive

Great #famestars, Great Atmosphere, Great food, Great Gifts and Great Time!! #famestarsLIVE 

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