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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Ethnic Look for Raksha Bandhan, With Golden Anklets.

Rakhi, commonly called "Raksha Bandhan" is one of the most popular festivals of India. The Rakhi festival is a celebration of the pure and sacred bond between brothers and sisters. 'Raksha Bandhan' or 'Rakhi' is a very special day for brothers and sisters, when the sister celebrates her emotional bonding by tying a holy thread around the wrist of her brother. This thread, which symbolizes love and care, is called the 'Rakhi'. "Rakhi" means the bond of protection. 

The Rakhi festival is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan. On this auspicious day sisters tie the sacred Rakhi on their brothers' right wrists and pray for their long life. Though the Raksha Bandhan has the same significance and meaning but it is celebrated in different forms in different parts of India. On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, different kinds of Rakhis are available in the market. Some Rakhis are made of silken, golden and silver threads and studded with semi precious stones, while the others are simple and sober with just a piece of string.

Since, Rakhi is on Saturday 29th of August 2015, All Hindu sisters in India and around the world will be tying a Rakhi on their brothers wrist and pray for their long life. So, in the festival mood I wrote this post and tried on my new  pink kurti from Ayaany, loved the fabric and fitting  and I have also posted some pictures of Anklets as it was highly requested by fans and followers.

                                                Kurti: Ayaany Rs 799/-
                                                Churidar Synthethic Pajami: Meena Bazzar Rs 1000/-
                                                Bangles: Silver
                                                Earrings: Costume Jewellery
                                                Golden Anklets: Silver (Gold Plated)
                                                Toe Rings: Silver

                                                              Lots of Love!!


  1. Hello Ms Surabhi, those anklets look gorgeous. Always was a big fan of anklets with big ghungroos. You had mentioned earlier that your previous set of anklets do not make noise, do this pair make noise when you walk? Would you consider doing a video where you are walking with this same pair of payals?

  2. Hello Ms. Surabhi. Thank you so much for your beautiful pics of golden anklets. Your feet are looking simply marvelous. Cant take my eyes of them. Do you buy anklets of the shelf or you order them as per you design. I have not seen such wonderful gold plated anklets before. Are the ghungroos making sound as you walk. On closely examination of you feet there are lot of ting ghungroos. As our friend requested I too woiuld like to have a video of may be 2-3 mins with you walking with these amazing anklets and to hear the sound of the tinklets which can be a very sweet music to the ears.

  3. I am speachless surabhi ji. Lovely anklets on your feet as always wanted to hear their noise as you walk. I am sure a video would make that happen only if you please it. very lovely I like it. Wish to see more of those beautiful feet. thanks for sharing lovely photos

  4. wow I didn't see the videos lovely the way you present them. looks great on you. I think all jewelleries will look very much alive on you. extremely beautiful. thank you for sharing. appreciate your efforts.

  5. Only if you would have worn heels. Such amazing feet.

  6. mesmerizingly gorgeous and most beautiful creation of god. Now i understand why there is a saying that there jannet under feet of women. I dont who said it but really true. your feet are most beautiful feet. I like both the videos but if you dont mind remaking of it in HD. The 4:3 time has passed away. I would realyl appreciate it if you can make longer videos. thank you in advance,


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