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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Inside The Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag

This is an exclusive post for Fab Bag July…July is paparazzi month hence this gorgeous Fab Bag which is mine to keep forever  is also called the “Red Carpet July Fab Bag” I received it in the middle of the month but I took my time to review this beautiful bag. It is so beautiful that I would love to carry it as an clutch with me to the all the events possible..

The July FAB Bag is the most Fabulous ever. I never seen a Fab Bag like this before and I was eagerly waiting for it!!, I day got it all I said was “Yippee , My Red Carpet Fab Bag Just Arrived!!!” naturally I was so excited to see it, It’s a beauty and not to forget the contents of the bag which it makes it even more Awesome!!

The July Fab Bag is just like the Quote ”Most beautiful things come in small packages!!”  it also had an Invitation for me  “Exclusive Invite to the Fab Bag Red Carpet Awards” 

Inside My Red Carpet July Fab Bag were the following Cosmetics and Personal Care Products:

  • SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner -Black Swan (Rs 699/-)
  • Bella’Pierre Cosmetics - Ruby Lipstick  (Rs 1500/-)
  • Vana Vidhi Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen (Rs 2400/- for 115ml)
  • Ayorma Spa Fairness & Anti Tan Face Wash (Rs 349/- for 100ml)
  • Ayorma Spa Fairness Daily Scrub (Rs 279/- for 50gm)

I used all these products to create a fabulous Red Carpet look…

You can create this Red Carpet look with the July Fab BAG!

1. Cleanse & Scrub your face with the Ayorma Spa Fairness Anti Tan Face Wash and Ayorma Spa Fairness Daily Scrub.

I was very tired few days ago and I had a lot of work and no time to rest , I used the Ayorma Spa Fairness and Anti - Tan Face wash  and the first words I said was OMG! OMG! OMG! My god, I never need to go to spa again everrrrr!! Not only this product is paraben free, it almost like experiencing Spa at home. It has a refreshing and invigorating citrus fragrance that just lifts your mood to the highest elevation possible. I love it! I love it! I love it! just what you need when you want to go a Red Carpet Event after a very tiring day! No Need to Go to a Spa.

I also used the Ayorma Spa Fairness Daily Scrub right after he face wash, which is an extremely mild Scrub and it’s not like the face scrubs that you get in the market which completely scrub away the upper layer of your skin in the most harshest manner. This face scrub reminded of my Micro Dermabrasion session at my dermatologist few months ago, it is extremely gentle yet it exfoliated my skin with most utmost love and care!! Ayorma Spa is a Ayurvedic Product and they made their red carpet debut, Inside The Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag.

2. Apply the Vana Vidhi Italian Bermagot Luxury Summer Shimmer Sunscreen all over your body . This Sunscreen is 100% Paraben Free, 100% Vegan Lotion, with a blend of 10 Natural essential oils. Off course is has a fragrance of Bermagot essential oil which is one of my favorites and I generally bath with this essential oils so I know that are so many.  This Sunscreen has shimmer particle’s which are safe shimmer and this product is Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide Free. I applied it all over my body to get that hint of Extra bit of Glamour. It’s almost like wearing a twinkle on your body. Thank-you VANA!!

This is fantastic product, A must have for the upcoming wedding season specially if you planning to wear that halter neck or backless top. This beautiful sunscreen will not only moisturize your skin but it will also add that extra hint of Sparkle on the skin. If you are planning to dazzle the red carpet this is a must, Sparkle With Vana!!

3. Apply SheerCover Minerals: I applied the Shade Buff with SPF 15. This is a an extremely light mineral foundation 100% Oil Free 100% Paraben Free with Natural Minerals.

Sheer Cover gives that Flawless face in seconds. I am have an Acne prone skin and even after wearing this all day long my skin does not break out. This Mineral Foundation is like real-life air-brushing that makes you look radiant, flawless and beautifully natural!

4. Sugar Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner – Black Swan is an Intense Black Liquid Eyeliner which you can use you create many eyeliner looks. I created ten different kinds of Eyeliner looks with this Liquid eyeliner and it was super easy to use.  It is creates a Dramatic look in just a few minutes and Ta DA, You are ready to go to the Red Carpet!!! All you need to do is to draw a sharp Cat-Eye on the eyelids with the SUGAR Eye Told You So! Waterproof Eyeliner - Black Swan

Sugar Cosmetics are from Germany and they made their red carped debut Inside The Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag  #EyeLoveSugar

Fab Tip – For an Instant Smokey eyes,  apply a thin layer starting from the centre to the end of your upper eyelid and smudge away neatly with a Q-Tip.

5. BellaPierre  Mineral Lipstick - Ruby

I swiped the Bella Pierre Mineral Lipstick in the shade Ruby on my lips and I instantly fell in love with it, Its has an amazing sweet fragrance which reminds of the famous vanilla essence in the M.A.C lipsticks. I found this lipstick creamy and hydrating and it doesn't dry your lips at all, the colour is intense and texture is smooth, just one swipe is enough. The shade "Ruby" works perfectly for my skin tone. It's smooth to glide on, sits well on your lips without blotting out. Your lips feel moisturized with a sweet fragrance. It stays on for more than 6 hrs and fades away leaving behind a tint. A perfect lip color for you to dazzle your way. A wonderful ruby red lipstick and it is a must have for every women who wants to leave an impression to the papparazzi. I am so ready to blow my flying kisses on the Red Carpet! you can also apply a lip-gloss on the top to create a glossy look and you are ready to go!! BellaPierre Cosmetics are from London.

Fab Tip: For a hint of red , dab on the lipstick very lightly using your fingertips. Add a dash of nude gloss to finish it off!!


12 Eyeliner Looks created with SUGAR - I Told You So Eyeliner- Black Swan

1.  Thin Eyeliner with Natural Lashes.

2.   Dramatic Look - Thick Eyeliner with Falsies.

3. Thick Eyeliner with Purple Glitter Eye shadow.

4. Egyptian Eyeliner with Purple Shimmer Eye shadow. Look like Elizabeth taylor in Cleopatra!!

5. Dramatic Eyes - Thick Eyeliner with Smokey Look and Silver Shimmer.

6. Dramatic Eyes - Thick Eyeliner with Purple Shimmer Eye shadow.

7.  Creative Wings Eyeliner.

8.  Elongated Creative Wings Eyeliner.

9.  Catty Eyes Eyeliner, Aishwarya's look at Cannes!!

10.  Elongated Catty Eyes Eyeliner. ( Eyeliner goes a little up towards the eyebrows in the end)

11. Arabic Eyeliner

12. Elongated Creative Wings, Look like Amy Winehouse!!

These eyeliner looks were very easy to achieve with SUGAR I told you so! Waterproof eyeliner - Black Swan. The Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag, helps to create the dramatic look required. Don't forget to smile for the camera and dazzle! Do join the red carpet with me and Sparkle With Surabhi..

Purchase your very own Red Carpet July Fab Bag from  INR599/- for a month's subscription!! Share your fun looks on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram created with the Sugar eyeliner, Tag with #EyeLoveSugar to win a one month's subscription!!


Click a picture of what's in your July Fab Bag with the Tag #InMyFabBag and stand a chance to win Soul Tree Colour Kohl.

 Watch this video by Fab Bag

What I am wearing?

Cocktail Dress - FabAlley
Heels - Catwalk

Let's celebrate the Red Carpet, celeb style....with the Fab Bag July !!!

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