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Friday, July 31, 2015

The New Asus Zenfone Selfie, Professional Photography In Your Pocket!!

What’s missing in your Selfie? Do you love taking Selfies?  I can’t stay a day without taking one. I love taking selfie's because they make my life so easy, As I am a Beauty and Fashion Blogger; A good mobile with at least 10 Megapixel camera is indispensable for me!   

Sometimes I really wish if there would have been a phone that would take care of the problems that I face while taking a selfie, like better front camera with higher resolution just like the rear camera, I do not understand why don’t the mobile manufacturers make the front camera as powerful as the rear camera?

The moment I try to blow up a picture taken from the front camera on Photoshop it becomes too noisy and clarity is not achieved which is extremely important when I want to upload a picture on my blog and If I try to take pictures with rear the camera I really cannot see how Its going to look like, it’s almost like a shooting an arrow in the dark!  I really wish I could find a mobile phone personalized to take selfies and then my prayers were answered the New Asus Zenfone Selfie is going to be launched  this month, which is the perfect phone to take selfies with, in fact it’s almost like having a portable DSLR Camera with you. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Inside The Red Carpet July 2015 Fab Bag

This is an exclusive post for Fab Bag July…July is paparazzi month hence this gorgeous Fab Bag which is mine to keep forever  is also called the “Red Carpet July Fab Bag” I received it in the middle of the month but I took my time to review this beautiful bag. It is so beautiful that I would love to carry it as an clutch with me to the all the events possible..

The July FAB Bag is the most Fabulous ever. I never seen a Fab Bag like this before and I was eagerly waiting for it!!, I day got it all I said was “Yippee , My Red Carpet Fab Bag Just Arrived!!!” naturally I was so excited to see it, It’s a beauty and not to forget the contents of the bag which it makes it even more Awesome!!

The July Fab Bag is just like the Quote ”Most beautiful things come in small packages!!”  it also had an Invitation for me  “Exclusive Invite to the Fab Bag Red Carpet Awards” 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Watch Me Live On #fame, India's first live video entertainment app

Fame, the digital entertainment network, has launched India's first live video entertainment application. Currently in beta, #fame is available on iOS and Google Play, enabling performers to beam live to fans and audiences using their smartphones. Download of the application today it’s free!!

Now you can watch me Live on #Fame App (#FameFashion) from 1:30 pm to 2:00 pm from 21st July to 31st July.  You can also do a live chat with me on the App. By popular demand I was invited to the app as a Blogger and Vlogger, to speak live on Fashion and Beauty!! 

I want thank #fame team for giving me this opportunity to speak to you live on the app, I have written a blog post on Karan Johar's Lakme School of Style and Yes, I wanted to be a part of it but everything happens for a reason as there are no accidents... (In the wise words of Oogway!!) but eventually I am a part of #fame and I love it.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Magically Cure Acne With Suparna Trikha's Mint And Clove Pack.

I love fried food in the monsoons - Kachori, Samosa,  Moong dal ke chile/ Pakode and How can you miss out on the Golgappas or puckhas?  Rains are such a fun time and equally irritating because of the humidity…

Could there be a magic spell which could zap the pimples and acne instantly even after eating all this oily and fried food? Well I am sure that all spells are in the magical world of Harry Potter and not in the real world..

By sheer luck I came across a very magical item 15 years ago - Suparna Trikha’s “Mint and Clove Pack” for Acne prone, Oily and Problematic Skin. This is pack is a god’s gift to mankind made from clove, mint, fullers earth, exotic herbs. It’s 100% chemical free, paraben free, preservative free, bio – degradable and completely eliminates or zaps of acne from face just with one application..

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Proactiv Review, Get Rid Of Acne Fast This Monsoon!!

The lovely Monsoons are here, its a great weather and a big relief from Delhi's heat but it always has a flip side more of  Fungal infections and Acne. I have always had beautiful skin (God Gifted!!)  I also won the title of "Miss Beautiful Complexion" at the May Queen Ball but many of you do not know that I suffer from Acne since the age of 16. I have an extremely Oily Combination / Sensitive / Acne Prone Skin Type.  Since 2012 I have been suffering adult acne resulting due to a hormonal imbalance.

I tried everything, A balanced diet, Regular exercise, Acne prevention facials, Regular cleaning and I had lots of water; I did receive a temporary relief from Acne after following a balance lifestyle however it came back again after some time.  I got extremely irritated with every acne product in the market.

I tried many products such Acnes, Ponds pimple care face wash, Lotus acne gel, Himalaya toner all of them only gave me temporary results. Finally I gave up on everything and ordered the Proactiv Solutions Kit for INR 3895/-  fingers crossed and I got fast results!!

Friday, July 10, 2015

edc By Esprit - Orange & White Dress

edc by Esprit is owned by Esprit and has 900 retail stores worldwide. Esprit's products include casual sportswear and  business clothing for both men and women, urban casual clothing for young women, kids clothing,  sports wear including swimwear, fitness fashion and street wear, accessories such as bags, shoes, and body wear.

I purchased this beautiful dress from edc by Esprit it is a beautiful Shift Dress (Stretchable) with Puff sleeves in case you have broad shoulders like me, you can definitely try out puff sleeves, they will look great on you...

Monday, July 6, 2015

Wishes Come True! #AbHarWishHogiPoori

I love to travel, almost as much as I love Fashion. But for me the part that always got me on edge was the getting there. There is only so long I can stare out the window of a moving vehicle, alone with my thoughts. 

When I used to travel I always used to enviously look at neighboring passengers. In the old days, few would carry books or board games, now everyone is glued to their mobile or phablet or tablet. I always wished to have a mobile phone with a larger screen, I always hated my mobile on my travels, sure, it was great for everyday use. But I could not easily read blogs or browse websites , the display was just too small. I always wished I could buy a mobile with a larger screen and which would give me more freedom of downloading songs, movies and sharing my clicks on social media.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tribe By Amrapali Silver Filigree Ball Earrings

Amrapali Silver Filigree Ball Earrings are priced at INR 3400/- These are really dainty earrings and perfect for college or office, made of silver Amrapali Silver Filigree Earrings are a work of art and fine craftsmenship. It has a delicate gold plated floral filigree design and the Hinged ball opens in half to clasp earlobe.

I would recommend these earrings in case you are fond of dainty earrings and if don’t like anything heavy, these earring are light weight, beautiful and affordable!! If you are looking something to wear at wedding probably these will look nice on a sangeet or mehendi ceremony.
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