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Sunday, June 28, 2015

PicPal: Selfie's Love Company!!

Imagine you want to take a selfie with your best friend but she’s not around, missing her? No problem!! Picpal to the rescue. Picpal is definitely one of the most downloaded real time selfie collage and chat apps these days. Picpal allows you to share your pictures with best friends and family in real time. You can also heart them and express your love on the App.

How does Picpal Work?

You can download Picpal from Google Play or from I Tunes for free, once you download the app just invite your friends or family to download the app and then add them to your list. After that all you have to do is, take selfies together in real time and Picpal will automatically create a selfie collage that can be shared by all. You can share it on  Facebook or Instagram or you can just save it in your gallery in case you don’t wish to share and keep it private.

Imagine you are in India and your best friend is travelling to Dubai or Canada for Summer Vacations. No problem just download the app and add each other on Picpal after that click pictures at one go and share, no matter which part of the world you are Picpal will make sure that you don’t miss out on those amazing moments.  

Easy to setup:

Click on the start button and invite up to 3 friends. That’s when the fun begins. Take your selfie while your friends take their Selfies. Picpal will automatically make a collage for you and your friends. All pictures are stored to the Picpal Gallery. Share the pictures with your Picpal friends on Facebook, Instagram and Whats app. You can also express your love by hearting your friend’s pictures on Picpal.

Advantages of Picpal

Social Sharing:

In Instagram you can only share your selfie or product shoot that you would like to display, however,  Picpal it takes you to a whole new different level when you can add 3 of your friends for a selfie collage in real time and share on other social media. Rather than taking pictures individually it gives you a chance to share it along with your friends and share their pictures as well.


Picpal helps you to unleash your creativity; you and your friends can now share their pictures in the most creative way. You can add attractive text to the collage to let your other friends know where you all are and how much fun it is to live the way you live and enjoy life.

Long Distance Relationships are easy: 

It helps you to remain in touch with your friends and enjoy clicking pictures together no matter where you live. This app gives you interact with each other so much better than other apps. Maintaining a long distance relationship has never been easier, share your individual experiences in real time with each other. If you are in college or school you need this. If you’re studying abroad away from friends you definitely need it and if you are working aboard you desperately need it. 

Easy to use: 

PicPal does all the work for you just download, add your friends, click pictures together and it takes care of the rest, add your text and you and your friends are ready to share your precious moments together, Have fun.

Enjoy downloading the Picpal App at and don’t miss your friends even for a second!! 

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