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Sunday, June 28, 2015

PicPal: Selfie's Love Company!!

Imagine you want to take a selfie with your best friend but she’s not around, missing her? No problem!! Picpal to the rescue. Picpal is definitely one of the most downloaded real time selfie collage and chat apps these days. Picpal allows you to share your pictures with best friends and family in real time. You can also heart them and express your love on the App.

Friday, June 26, 2015

#SpinzBanTheTan - Spinz No Bleach Sun Tan Remover Cream!

When I head out in the morning I normally prefer a top with three quarter sleeves but then it becomes tough if I have evening plans to switch to something light and sleeveless. Sunny days often lead to sultry nights and going sleeveless becomes an issue because of an uneven tan!  

That’s why I was overjoyed when I discovered Spinz Sun Tan Remover Cream. Now you can get rid of your Sun Tan within in 5 minutes with the Spinz Sun Tan Remover Cream which is Instant De-Tan cream. This is a Tan Remover Cream with no bleach, it is available for the Price of INR 89/- for 50gm and Single use sachets INR 10/- for 25gm and INR 49/- for 50gm.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Remove Tan with OxyLife Crème Bleach #SayYesToOxygen

Friends, I recently received a lot of queries on App, asking me "How does my skin glow and how do I fight with pollution?"  Pollution can clog your pores which result in a deadly attack of pimples and acne also it can make your skin look dead and tired which also leads to discoloration and many other skin problems...

I was asked a question by another anonymous fan to how to get rid of tan. Pollution is the root cause of all sorts of skin problems today. I have recommended all on my followers on app to have lots of water every day at least 2 liters because it’s pure H20 (Oxygen+Water) and have a regular cleansing toning and moisturizing ritual!

In order get rid of you dull skin patches and discoloration there is another miracle cure. To remove the tan of your face which happens due to pollution + sunlight can be removed by The OxyLife Crème Bleach, it is a revolutionary product with goodness of Oxygen in it. It is good for any skin types.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

#InMyFabBag Fab Post June

Okay, it’s time for the June FabBag.  I received it a couple of days ago, but I first wanted to experience it before I post it!!

Hmmm, What did I love most #InMyFabBag June??  Believe it or not I loved two products the most in my Fab Bag June Cuccio Colour Emerald green nail polish called “Fountains Of Versailles” No .5043 and Ananda Juniper Holy Basil light moisturizer for oily skin, Since my skin is oily and acne prone, This cream has worked wonderfully on my skin!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Thank-you for the wonderful response on franklyme app, speak to your favourite celebrity blogger!!

Frankly.Me App is one of the TOP 10 most downloaded apps in India today. The best about franklyme is that you can write to you favourite celebrity, actor, comedian, singer, makeup artist and blogger and get replied by a personalised video selfie!!

Thank-you for the wonderful response, I have been bombarded by questions and I love answering them.. you can view all my video selfie's by clicking on the widget link below..

Friday, June 12, 2015

Reebok Hot Pink Zigkick Running Shoes For Women

I recently purchased the Reebok Hot Pink Zigkick Running Shoes from They are beautiful to look at and amazingly light to wear and I purchased them at a steal away price of $49.99. The Delivery took about 15 days as it was shipped straight from USA, I was looking for some really good quality running shoes in India in an affordable price but sadly, I could not find them both.

Reebok has a really boring collection in India, They do not even have entire collection that is available in US. I looked for a pretty hot pink colour, they said they don't have it and such colours come in limited edition only. I did like other colours in India but it would have costed me more than INR 10K

Friday, June 5, 2015

Guess Ruffle Skirt

Guess is one the leading fashion brands from U.S.A, It is known for its fun and fresh designs in various colours, I purchased this "Guess Ruffle Skirt" from Select City Saket, New Delhi for the price of INR 2,500. You can mix match this skirt with your choice of top..

A combination of pink shirt or white tank top would be a great choice to max with this skirt. You can wear white heels or blue crocs with this combination to make it stand out!!

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