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Friday, May 22, 2015

When Stranger Helps You Like A Guiding Angel!!

This is a Special Post

“I’m blogging for #YouMakeMeWIN to honour a blogger who has influenced me and deserves to be nominated at WIN15. ”

I started blogging in 2011, since then it has been an amazing experience. I recently won some of the most amazing contests. I won the Harsha Bhogle’s #BloggerDreamTeam 2015 All India.  I am social Influencer badge, #BloggerDreamTeam  Top 11 India, Blogger Bee Badge by Smart Indian Women, Also the #ResponsibleBlogging badge..

Not only that I participated in weekend “Wow Activity and Lakme School of style at Blogadda”. I am hoping to get selected for two more activities that I applied for recently and maybe I might just win a few badges as well in future as well. When I was a newbie on Blogadda a blogger came to my help like a "Guiding Angel". His name is Gaurab Mukherjee and he writes a blog “Processing the” which is basically a travel blog.

I would I like to nominate Gaurab because he came forward to help me though I didn’t even ask for it. It takes a really genuine soul to come forward and help a total stranger. He advised me to change my header and photo size as they were taking a lot of time to load and we all know that all blog readers are a little short on time. Sometimes connectivity can be an issue, therefore it is imperative that your blog loads on time which your readers will love you for and in turn helps your Alexa ranking which is extremely important if you wish to become an Ace Blogger.

After carefully considering his advise I worked on a total new set of headers, signature and logo as I am also a graphic designer and I understand html as well. I maintain and design my site myself!!

As soon I changed all the blog elements, I requested Gaurab again to visit my website again and tell me about my shortcomings. He was absolutely delighted to look at my site and loved the header and blog elements. It was very sweet of him to visit my website once again for a honest feedback.

Therefore I would like to nominate Gaurab Mukherjee for #WIN15 #YouMakeMeWin because he is one of the most genuine bloggers that I have come across. His timely advise not only made my blog better but pushed my Alexa ranking to 29000 in India today. I also won accolades from my readers and loads of prizes!!!

Gaurab himself is a great writer and has won many badges from Indiblogger and Blogadda as well. He writes witty posts on Travel and Human Psychology and thinks deeply, his blog posts are original and unique. I loved reading his posts Say No to Pre-Marital Sex, Move on and Bucket List recently.

Thank-you Gaurab Mukherjee!! You can also visit his blog

I would I also like to thank Blogadda for #WIN2015 Awards and #YouMakeMeWin Activity as it also teaches all bloggers to appreciate and Thank each other.

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