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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Speedo High Fashion Swimwear - Health Benefits Swimming!!

"Swimming is a good all-round activity because it: keeps your heart rate up but takes some of the impact stress off your body. builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. helps maintain a healthy weight, healthy heart and lungs."

Happy Summer Holidays to you all!!  I am sure all most of you have already booked your tickets for this years summer vacations. I just saw BBC news that India’s heat wave is going to worsen. Today it was 43’c in Delhi and a power cut for 5 hours… Phew!!...

Thankfully I know how to swim, so I go for a swim daily to a nearby club, though its overcrowded but atleast it helps me to relax and stay fit. I recently visited Neemrana Fort Palace to celebrate my birthday and for a short summer getaway, it was seriously fun, It was 3 Days/ 2 Nights Stay at the Sutra Palace which had a pool just below it called the “Surya Pool”

Obviously I was excited so I purchased a new Speedo skirted Swimsuit with Contrast Borders. It not only looks beautiful when you wear it but also supports your body with a tight skin fit technology and makes swimming way easier to do. Along with it I carried my Speedo Fastskin Cap and Speedo Goggles.

Speedo is a world leader in swimwear and swimming Accessories. Top swimming sports persons prefer it. Its is the No. 1 Choice for all swimming professionals all over the world. I have been a swimmer since the age of 10 and I exactly know the difference between a Speedo and any other brand.

Speedo  Benefits:

  • World Leader in Swimming Wear and Accessories.
  • No 1 choice of all Swimming Champions and Sportsperson.
  • Skin Fit Technology.
  • High Fashion: Available in Beautiful Colours and Designs.
  • The Elastic Technology doesn’t give away even after years as compared to other brands.
  • If you want speed in swimming choose Speedo.
  • Speedo Fast Skin Caps has Skin Fit technology doesn’t come off in the pool while swimming like other brands which are horrible. It fits just like your second skin.
  • Speedo Goggles stay perfect even for years and gives to you perfect clear sight underwater as well as protects your eyes from UVA/UVB rays!!

Benefits of Swimming:

Fitness:  keeps you in shape. Improves your fitness depends on how much energy you use. It improves your coordination, balance and posture. Makes you more flexible

Therapeutic:  Helps people to recover from accidents and sickness.  Combating the aging process.

Social:  Meeting and being with other people.  You can talk to others as you water exercise. Workout facing your partner or side-by-side.  Meet new people. Have a Pool Party!

Stress Release:  Gives you a chance to just relax and forget about work, problems, and other things.

Fun:  Exercise in a playful way and don't worry about being serious!  Laugh and enjoy it!  Water exercise is fun!

Physical Benefits

  • Improves flexibility and strength
  • Builds up endurance
  • Makes you loose weight.
  • Firms your body
  • Muscular balance
  • Heart muscle becomes stronger
  • Improves the physique and makes your body firm.
  • Increases circulation of blood
  • Improves your posture and balance
  • Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight
  • Heals body injuries 
  • Combats Aging.

Chilling at the Pool with the Minions 

“Swimming is a healthy, low-cost activity that you can continue throughout your life. Swimming is a low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Swimming is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water.”

In words of Dory "Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming, Swimming!!" 

What Am I Wearing ?


  1. fashion is finally recognizing what we always knew - a lot of us women are shaped like, well... women! This often means more curves than seen on the average catwalk model.

    Bridal Dresses

    1. Hello Nancy,

      Real women have curves, they are not size "0". I am a size "8" medium and I am absolutely healthy. I eat everything from samosa's to paratha's. I exercise regularly to burn all my fat :)

      Men like women with curves only dogs like bones!! :)


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