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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Neemrana Fort Palace - Birthday Celebrations!

I celebrated an amazing Birthday this year at the Neemrana Fort Palace, Rajasthan. I wanted to stay there for a very long time however the rooms were never available. Since I didn't celebrate my Birthday from the last two years I really wanted to have fun this time and my husband surprised me with information he has booked The Sutra room for my Birthday Celebrations.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Neemrana palace, Beautiful rooms, Gardens, View and Peacocks and on the flip side the monkey mania and my supernatural experience...was a little bit of crazy!!


It was 3 day escapade at Neemrana and the moment I entered the palace I could feel its grandeur and then reception, I was informed that the palace was built in the 15th century and belonged to the direct lineage of Maharaja Prithiviraj Chauhan.. The Chauhan’s ruled this place till 1947. So this palace is 600 years old and was bought out as it was in ruins  for the amount of INR 7 lakhs only in 1980's and was opened with 10 rooms, Since then it has been aggressively build and restored by Neemrana Hotels

Neemrana is an ancient historical town in Alwar district of Rajasthan, India, situated at 122 km from Delhi (Two and Half hour drive) on the Delhi-Jaipur highway "NH 10" in Behror tehsil as seen in the movie starring Anushka Sharma. It is situated in between Behror and Shahajahanpur. It is an industrial hub as well.

The First Day at Neemrana: "Restaurant and Food"

Reaching the room wasn't easy since check in here is 2 ’0’ clock you have wait. We were welcomed with a buffet lunch it was delicious with Rajasthani dishes, my favourite at the Neemrana was Mustard Chicken, Dal Batti Churma, Gatte Ki Kadi and Papad Sev ki Sabji.

The restaurants, has enough tables to cater to over 60 rooms, serves all three meals, starting breakfast and concluding with dinner.  The buffet spreads in each meal give ample choice to both, vegetarian and non-vegetarians. Soups, salads and the main menu. I must say the chef at Neemrana cook’s really well I enjoyed eating the variety of food here continental, Italian, Chinese, Punjabi, Rajasthani and South Indian. Also the location of the dinner location keeps changing here sometimes its at Hawa Mahal near Holi Kund and sometimes at Uncha Baaga at the 12 level near Sutra Mahal..

Staircases to Heaven:

Once the lunch was over we were escorted by an hotel employee 13 levels up to the The Sutra Palace which was really not a easy climb, ladies please don’t wear heels here, you can easily have a fall and break your leg or seriously injure yourself as the staircases are pretty steep made with stones that are not leveled some are protruding out and I was lucky as I was wearing my Hot Pink Reebok’s which were very comfortable on this treacherous climb. Along the way they also showed us around the palace where you can eat and the swimming pools were you can relax…

You can easily get lost here, until you a have the map of the fort available at the reception. Restored from ruins, Neemrana Fort-Palace carved out on 13 levels on a hillock invites the visitors to explore its alleys, balconies, halls and terraces. Reaching your room could also not be easy without the hotel escort who takes you around showing where to go for the meals, The stairways and alleys tire you on your way up and you also make loose your breath specially is your room is the up the hill at level 11, 12 and 13. These staircases also help you digest your food on your way up and down and make you feel hungry, so you can get used to them in day. All these staircases are uneven and narrow, be careful you can fall especially with children.

Each room is located on different levels of the Fort, narrow stairs led to different terraces, gardens, lawns and halls. Open areas where one could sit for hours enjoying simply the world around which has an aura of history. Many rooms have big or small balconies to sit out to enjoy Neemrana. The gardens and lawns attract honeymooners. In fact there were a good number of honeymooning couples in the Fort. 

On way up we also saw Jalgiri Palace which also faces a shallow pool and gives a view of the city only that it is 10th or the 11th level of the palace and is meant for kids and families to play in.

The Sutra Mahal:

The Sutra Room at Neemrana is one the most exclusive suites, facing the pool it has the entire view of the Neemrana city. It is generally booked by Honeymooners and by sheer luck it was available. The Sutra palace was built in the 21st century itself and it was made as the replica of the King's quarters as it is used to be in the 15th century with pool and 180' degrees view of the city.

The moment I entered the room, I saw exquisite paintings from the Kama Sutra and that is why it is an adult only room so, no children or family is allowed here and hence also called the Honeymoon Suite, totally cut of the other parts of the palace. I realized that this was not only a birthday celebration but also a romantic getaway!

The word “Sutra” is derived from Kama Sutra which is off course one of the most famous Indian Books on Intimacy. This room has more than 50+ paintings of Kama Sutra some of the are worth Lakhs and I have never seen paintings like this before. This room also has a collection of many Kama Sutra books published over the period of time and some of them cost more than 20K.  I also got to know through the hotel staff that some of the previous occupants did steal one or two books, whoops!!

I think renting this room and admiring these paintings as well as reading these books with your partner is an unforgettable experience and some of these paintings are really wicked!! I was laughing out like crazy…These Kama Sutra books here introduce you to a different kind of Ancient History of India and how people’s private lives used to be like.

I did not take many pictures of the room except the balcony, as I thought that these paintings should be only available for the eyes of the residents of this rooom. In order to book this room you should be Married and your Voters id card and identity will be reference checked before the entering the room.

Rent – INR 40,000 for  3 days/2 nights  U.S $ 645 exclusive taxes, Lunch & Dinner

Surya Pool:

After relaxing for some time we went for a swim at the pool right next the to the room called “Surya Pool” it was seriously fun after a 2 and Half hour drive from Delhi. I made sure that I carry my Speedo swimsuit, goggle and cap. In the evening we went for dinner and got easily confused between the alley, pathways and staircases however we made it to the "Hawa Mahal" where dinner was served. It was so windy that all the dinning ware and cloth was falling off the tables… I dint feel sweaty even for a moment around the palace as it is always windy and cool because of the water bodies built in it.

After an awesome swimming session - Fresh as a daisy!!

For a moment I could imagine the royal grandeur of the palace and how the maharaja lived there.. you feel like you as if you are royalty yourself in Neemrana Palace. In the night it was so peaceful and quiet as if the entire world has gone of to sleep. In the morning I woke up to the singing of Peacock’s, Peahens, Koel's and Squirrels. As soon as opened the Balcony I could cool feel a breeze of cool air flowing from the swimming pool, this room is always cool because of the water body in front and not to forget the 2 A/C 's also provided just in case you feel hot.

Night View From Sutra Palace:

The whole city looks like the stars twinkling in the sky at night...

Early Morning and Dancing Peacocks:

Sutra Mahal does not only have an amazing view but on the birthday I saw an ostentation. Peacocks dancing right in front of the room in the morning, I have never seen a peacock dancing so up close in my life, I climbed downstairs to take numerous pictures, my birthday had suddenly turned so exciting.

They just kept on dancing for atleast half an hour and I did not even enjoy the sight but numerous pictures seen below, don't they look amazing..

The View from Sutra Palace:


One in a million shot.. Got it!!

Later in the morning after a swim, we walked all the way down to the Neemrana city, Hanuman Temple for blessings on my birthday and distributed sweets to the village kids and staff of the palace. 

(These Pictures were taken by me with Nikon D5200 in Action Mode)

Birthday Celebrations:

My Cake was from a bakery 20 kms from Neemrana, it was a yummy chocolate truffle, Luckily the dinner was at Uncha Baag which is on the 12th level right below "Sutra Palace"

Dinner was tasty as usual - Papad Sev ki Sabji, Paneer Lababdar, Butter Nan, Pasta in White Sauce, Soups and Salads as Appetisers...

Special Thanks:

I want to thank the hotel staff and chef for specially serving “Dalbatti Churma” On request though it was not it in lunch menu that day. Thank-you chef for making me feel special on my birthday escapade. "Dalbatti - Churma" and "Papad Ki Subji" in desi ghee was out of this world!!

Hanging Gardens, Amphitheater, Hawa Mahal and Vintage Car Ride:

Right next to Jalgiri Palace & Pool is the Hanging gardens, a must visit garden in the Neemrana fort, its beautiful and so green, a lovely place for photography with your loved ones, and amphitheater is also next to it where performances during marriages take place.

Holi Kund, is situated in the Hawa Mahal many times dinner is served here and it is the oldest part of the palace, belonging to the 15th century..

Holi Kund in daytime:

Holi Kund at Nightime: "A very windy evening at Hawa Mahal"

Vintage Car Ride:

Vintage Car ride is also one of the great adventures at Neemrana palace, this car belonged to the Maharaja and it’s a Bentley circa 1940’s. It was real fun riding in this car though it was a bumpy ride on bad roads as this car has no suspension. We enjoyed a half an hour drive around the fort and city.

It was one the most romantic experiences there. This is a memory to cherish forever and a photo worth framing to show your kids :)

Monkey Menace:

To add to all that fun was also the monkey menace we terribly suffered there, they destroyed the plants around the pool and damaged hotel property, On the other day one of them tried to steal pringles out of my hand when we relaxing in the balcony and we saw two of them bathing and drinking from the pool on the last night we spend at Neemrana, so obviously swimming was cancelled out from plans on the next morning. 

We reported this incident to the Hotel Staff and they came running to help us however they were helpless as other parts of Rajasthan had become very hot and these monkeys came running to Neemrana, though I felt sorry for them as they were thirsty and wanted to beat the heat but how can you swim in a pool where a monkey just took a bath.

On the last 2 days we discovered many areas of the palace that can easily missed like the Hanging Gardens and Amphitheater, and small collidor right next to the Hawa mahal where you can see 15th century white shivlinga and pray too.

Supernatural Experience:

There is a room right above the reception in the end of a long passage way that we visited on the last evening of your stay around 9:30 after having dinner where the artifacts of the palace are kept, there were old sofas, chairs, chest, photos, frames, swings and baby crib however I felt very uncomfortable there and felt a supernatural presence believe it or not. I wanted to run away from that part of the palace as soon as possible. I felt claustrophobic, though it is big open room in the palace with antiquities, and I dint feel comfortable as if I was being watched on and as if someone very angrily said to me “these are my things don’t touch it”

The large gallery, that leads to the artifact room....where I felt that human presence was not being respected by something supernatural..

And similar supernatural feeling below the Hawa Chath there are small balconies there to sit in room below, though they were empty I felt as the balcony was full of people!! So I dint sit there…it’s just my individual experience with the palace, I am a hypersensitive person…believe it or not you may not experience this at the palace.

Hawa Chaat, there is room down below where I felt congested, though it was empty..

My experience at Neemrana was amazing, all old buildings and forts have a history and many of the times a violent history, in such cases there is always a energy of people left behind who passed away in such places. We as guests need to respect that space..You might feel a presence if you are hypersensitive or may not, individuals experiences always vary in such places...

I loved the view and pool at the Sutra Palace...loved the peacocks dancing, and the beautiful architecture of the fort, I must confess I felt like royalty!! food was delicious, the palace is so grand it transports you back to the era of Maharaja's. 

The Vintage Car ride here is unbelievably fun!. If you have a budget constraint and you want a romantic getaway or just short trip with your kids this summers. Neemrana Fort is right around the corner!!

Carry Along:

Swimsuit and Swimming Trunks,
Swimming Cap, Goggles and Sunglasses
A Suntan lotion or Sunscreen waterproof 50+
Flats Crocs, Sports Shoes or Slippers
Casual, Semi Formal and Formal Wear,
Jewellery to Match your Outfit,
Some Petty Cash,
A DSLR camera or Video Camera.

Do Not:

Feed the monkeys, or they will make your life miserable,
Wear jewellery to the pool,
Warning: No Heels, untill or unless you want a really bad injury.
Leave without a map as you can easily get lost.


What Am I Wearing ?

Baby G Watches
Voi - Umbrella Extra Large Baggy Red Dress
Zara - The Little Red Dress
Guess - Pink top and ruffle skirt
Asymmetrical Top
Levi's Peach Jeggings
Hat from Kenya
Reebok Hot Pink Shoes
Silver Jewellery

Your's Faithfully, TravelBug


  1. Hi Surabhi! Thanks for such an in-depth review of Neemrana. We have never visited this place but your review assures us of a great experience. Thanks again!

    1. Great to know that you enjoyed reading, this post was from the bottom my heart, I am sure you will have great time in neemrana whenever you visit it!!

  2. That is an exhaustive account Surabhi, I love the architecture & that lily pond :) When I get married, will head here for sure.

    1. Thank-you, Lakshmi.... its indeed a great place to visit, add it to your bucket-list!! :)

  3. I am supposed to shortlist few places for our family trip and this one is definitely in the top 2...
    Thanks for details, esp the Don'ts. Though we don't start any journey without a map, knowing that its mandatory for this; saves time
    and energy


    1. Yes, Sangita you will get a map at the reception, this place is a maze but its a must visit place and yes the don'ts ha-ha heels will be just extra luggage!! :)

  4. I really love reading and following your post as I find them extremely informative and interesting. This post is equally informative as well as interesting . Thank you for information you been putting on making your site such an interesting. lifestyle

    1. Hello Sanam, Glad to know that you enjoyed reading about Neemrana!! Thankyou for the compliments, I have put a lot of effort in building this blog!!

  5. I think this is the best post I have ever read which simplifies all aspect of India's first heritage hotel. I think you have made the perfect decision of spending your Birthday their at Neemrana Fort Palace. I have been to Neemrana Fort Palace but have not explored the fort as I was there for hours only. Thanks to your post I got to know much about the place and will surely explore them all in my next visit. I think there is one thrilling Neemrana Fort activities which you have missed at i.e. Aerial Zip lining which is conducted there at the fort by some Flying Fox. I had done it at my last visit & suggest you to explore that as well.

    1. Thank-you, for appreciating my post Harshit, Neemrana is a little expensive but its worth at least a 3 day trip.. Yes they have Flying Fox - which aerial zip lining activity but that is seasonal you have to speak to your tour operater for that!!

  6. Hi! Can you tell me the name of the bakery from where you got the cake? I'm planning a trip to neemrana as an anniversary surprise for my husband and I would really appreciate the help!

    1. Don't worry just speak at the reception and book a cake, Neemrana fort Managers will arrange it for you !! Smile...

  7. Great blog post. I had been there last month, Neemrana Fort-Palace is perfect for all special occasions. Be it a romantic getaway, a family trip or a weekend with friends, the Neemrana Fort-Palace offers an unforgettable experience.
    If you're planning to visit this palace, we have the ultimate guide for you from its history and architecture to what to do when you get here. Check our blog post to know more:


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