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Friday, May 8, 2015

Fab Bag April FabPost

I received the Fab Bag at the end of April, just when I returned back from Neemrana Fort Palace where I celebrated my birthday this year...I must say it is indeed a Fabulous Bag and my weekend extra special My Fab Bag has the following beauty products: 

 The Malavara Body Lotion:  Is a Paraben free and does not contain  any harsh preservatives,It is very gentle on the skin and has a very light tingling lemon fragrance if you are fan a fruity fragrances then you should opt for this mild tingling lemony fragrance this summers. Lime Vetiver is a vividly refreshing fragrance, evoking the citrus sharp verve of west India. Malavar is a product of India. I think you definitely purchase this product once yourself. 

 The Malavara Body Wash - Lime Vertiver : Malavara body wash is derived from pure coconut and virgin olive oils, which strengthens, conditions, nourishs and soften skin as well as it has the antioxidants needed to improve skin elasticity. All Malavar Products are of SLS, Parabens and other harsh preservatives.

LA Splash Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick: Shade no: 14202 is an dark earthy colour called "Untamed" suitable for weddings and ceremonies, if you are wheatish in complexion and love Gothic go for this shade and it provides you with 9 to 9 Coverage for lips. LA Splash is a product of USA.

Chambor Body Mist: Tender Tuberose is a lightweight aromatic rose mist perfect for these hot and humid summers, if you are fan of light fragrances and love body mist this is one for you..Chambor as we all know is product from Germany and has been Indian since the 1990's its we can all trust when skin "Allergies" comes as a question to our minds. Chambor products are even suitable for the highly sensitive skin types..

Denman Volumizing Brush: The VA VA Voom Brush add more volume to your hair instantly in case you have oily or thin hair just like me. After Washing your'e hair gently apply hair serum on 
your hair specially the tips. Use you wide toothed brush first to make sure that your hair our de-tangled. After that take the Denman Volumizing Brush and a Hair Dryer, Blow dry a small section of hair by holding the brush below and move it as if your'e drawing a "C"

This Brush has widely spaced pins that are anti static rubber pad  and that's perfect for adding Volume. If you love Blow Drying this brush is your perfect companion..

Thank-you for this Fabulous Bag Full of Goodies, You made my Birthday weekend extra special!!! Sign up today with them in order to receive all these amazing beauty products in the in a Fab Bag today or Order yourself the Fabulous May Fab Bag for Women and Men. I think it also makes a great Birthday Gift!!


  1. I got totally different products :( The Malavara products were there, but no body mist or hair brush.


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