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Friday, May 29, 2015

Ask Me Anything, Get Answers In Video Selfies on Frankly.Me

Download the App today on your I phone or Android It's Free!! Ask me anything via video selfie and get replied by me by the same, is a one step ahead of YouTube, Blogging and Vlogging..

You can not only speak to me but your Favourite Bollywood Stars, Beauty & Fashion Bloggers, Fashion Designers, Celebrity Make Up Artist and Hairstylist...

This app revolutionary!, not only you can get your answers but you get them through a personal video selfie from your favorite personality in the field of Blogging, Bollywood, Personal Care or Politics..Now how personal is that?? #ItsPersonal :)

Say, you want to speak to me just download the app, follow me send me your video selfie or say you want to speak Michelle Montes or Sylvie then just follow her and send her a video selfie from your mobile with the app. Celebrities like Miss Malini, Juhi Chawla; Comedians :- Krushna Abhishek, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Pal, MufflerMan.

Frankly.Me is an App which totally going to chance the face of Social Networking to a whole new level, a cut above the rest..

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