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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Unbelievable! "Temple of Goddess Surabhi" ?

I was just going through my Tweets and Facebook page, and I came across this tweet by one of my followers.."That a temple has been created in my name"? I was surprised and I also thought that it was a joke of some kind.. I was gifted the #'s  #thegoddess #iworshipgoddessurabhi #altafeet already on twitter.

Many people commented on my #altafeet posts, and said that they constructed a temple in their home with my feet pictures and pray to them everyday. I even told them not to do so and keep them below the place of gods, because I am not a goddess and I am just a human being. I am extremely religious and a devoted Hindu and I do my daily prayers, I pray and respect all Hindu gods and they are above me and all mankind...I am nobody in front of them..

I visit bhairo temple on every weekend, which gives me immense peace.. however I am across this tweet today by @DesiWarrior @surabhi_lal

When I visited this link I was shocked to see that my fans and followers had created a Facebook page for me called "Temple of Surabhi Goddess" I couldn't believe it!!

I want to humbly, Thank all my fans and followers for showering me with all the love and respect that you have given me..but please always remember that I just a human being and not a real goddess..Thank-you Rohit James admin for creating this page..

"Always remember all women are goddess, all women should be worshipped!!"

Please see the posts: #thegoddess #altafeet


  1. Surabhi Ji , i have to disagree with you here, not all women deserve to worship, do you think woman like Deepika Padukorne or Barkha dutt or the female terrorists in ISIS deserve to be worshipped ??? NO, only Goddess like you should be worshipped ...

    and i want to tell you that there is no other feeling better than bowing down to a Goddess like you and knowing she will look down at me smiling while i am kowtowing at her feet and will bless me ..... सुरभी देवी नमः !

    1. Hello Anonymous,

      Thank-you for all your respect, prayers and best wishes, you have all turned me into a #DigitalGoddess, I am sure God will bless you and My blessings and best wishes are also with you!!

      Yes, Deepika Padukone's statement have hurt Indian sentiments and our culture, Indian women are famous worldwide for their fidelity, however Ms Padukone's statement has hurt Indian sentiments and people, I think we should all give her another chance to prove that she can undo her mistakes, after all she is a human being. lets all give her a chance to change her statements..I really do not have much to say about female terrorists in ISIS, many of them are brainwashed since childhood and some of them have been forced into it..

      God Bless You, have a great weekend!!

    2. Surabhi Ji, what about the women who are educated and are from developed nations like UK , Denmark and USA , many females from aforementioned nations have flocked to ISIS of their own volition ..... what about women like Irma Grese, who was called the witch of Ashwitz who killed 1000+ innocent Jewish women just for fun, she used to whip them to death while laughing, do you think they should be worshiped ??? there are some evil women in this world as well, every women should not be worshiped , because both genders be it man or women have good and bad persons.

      with that being said, Woman like you should be worshiped for sure, I hope i too find a woman like you so that i too can worship her as my own personal goddess/ wife .... he he he ;-)

    3. The women that you talking about are demon reincarnated as human form, I never would ask anybody to worship them...I always meant..women who deserved to be worshiped, should be given ultimate respect!! :)

      I am sure if you are walking on the right part in life... you too will find a beautiful women in the form of a Goddess, God Bless and Take care :)

  2. i want worship you as ur devotee. and want to drink ur feet wash water. plz goddess .... ur devotee jai


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