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Monday, April 13, 2015

Friday Dressing - Semi Casual and Semi Formal Wear

Friday is the last working day of the week for many professionals and also a day to carry a relaxing attitude to office, however to much heavy makeup, jewellery and formals should be avoided on this day.

Many multinationals mark Friday as a casual dressing day also known as "Friday Dressing" where you are welcome to wear semi-formals or semi-casuals to office however on other days it might be considered offensive against the rules and regulations of the company.

Many professionals, college and high school students are confused about semi-formals vs formals and casual vs semi-casuals, they need to realise that there is a very thin line between them, and crossing that line would lead to overdressing and disturbing to many not only that it ends up destroying your reputation in your office and peers and that Is why power dressing was invented for weekdays and semi casuals was considered a more respectable to wear to office.

  "Semi-Formal Office Wear"

Women’s outfits for a semi-formal event should be relatively conservative, and avoid showing too much leg or cleavage. Hem lengths vary, but dresses or skirts should end no more than 1 inch (2.54 cm) above the knee. Longer skirts paired with a dressy top can be appropriate, but a floor-length gown might be too formal for most events. Tops should not be cut too low or be too revealing. Strapless tops or dresses can be acceptable choices for some semi-formal events provided that they aren't too skimpy, but should be avoided at business functions.

Pantsuits can work as semi-formal attire, if they are made in silk, polyester, cashmere, or a similar fabric and accessorized appropriately. A woman might also wear a dressy top and tuxedo pants made out of appropriate fabrics and still fit in. Jeans, shorts, very short skirts, and other casual clothing items should not be worn to a semi-formal event.

Day Dress

Daytime semi-casual  clothes for women may include items such as a knee- or ankle-length dress, khaki pants, a knit sweater set or pullover, and light colored hosiery. Women may accessorize their outfits with a patterned scarf, or a piece of jewelry like a pin or broach.

Light cotton sleeveless suit from "W" or Biba would also be a good choice and adds to the charm of an Indian working professional.

Evening Dress

During evening events women may wear skirts to the knee, neatly pressed blouses, dark slack suits, khakis, Indian Kameez with plazzos, anarkali suits, kurti's with denims is a good idea.

Fabric Considerations:

While semi-casual fabrics are typically smooth to the touch like cotton, chiffon, georgette, soft crease-less fabrics  is acceptable to wear a warmer, textured fabric like Corduroy during colder months.


Sweatshirts, band or logo T-shirts, and extensive amounts of jewelry and accessories are never appropriate options for semi-casual dress or Friday dressing. Do not wear animal prints or holey jeans to your office on Friday, it is more appropriate with friends and family.

Shoes and Accessories:

Generally, semi-formal attire means dress heels for women, usually in colors coordinating with the outfit. A dressy flat or strappy sandal could also be appropriate, depending on the style; a metallic or shiny patent leather shoe is often a good choice. Flip flops or other casual shoes are not dressy enough for this look and should be avoided.

A range of jewellery is also acceptable for a semi-formal outfit, with bracelets, rings, and necklaces all adding to the elegance of a dress. Materials should coordinate with the outfit; silver, gold, and other metallic ’s would fit with nearly any semi-formal attire, but jewelry made of plastic, wood, or cord would probably seem too casual in most cases. Precious and semi-precious stones could add sparkle, but a wide necklace covered in diamonds would probably be too showy.

Dressing for Specific Events:

A semi-formal business event doesn't necessarily mean a lot of variation for men, but women's clothing should be more business-like. A dressy suit is usually more appropriate than a cocktail dress, unless the dress includes a jacket. Sleeveless and strapless tops are usually considered inappropriate business attire and should be avoided; in general, clothing should be on the more conservative side.

Cocktail and holiday parties generally allow for a wider range of clothing choices for both men and women. Appropriate semi-casual dress will vary by geographical location, event, and work industry. Dark and neutral colors are always safe options. Suits are always a good choice for office cocktail or an event as it always better for you to present yourself as a little conservative in such parties, an appropriate distance should also be maintained. Nice sandals are appropriate for warm weather, as well as hats, gloves and shorter length coats for colder weather.

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