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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cambridge School Reunion, Class of 1999

"It doesn't matter where we come from...
What matters is, what we become....."

It was really fun evening yesterday at the Mainland China Restaurant, Noida where we had our Reunion, we were a noisy bunch... so, I am sure most of the other guest ran away!!...

It was lots of fun, meeting old friends catching up on their lives and how they are, we all turned out to be pretty talented and successful.. most of us are doing pretty well in our lives..

Tushar is a Major in Indian Army, Sheetal is a V.P in Ernst &Young, Varun and Rochak have their own Businesses, Neha is a Associate Producer in CNN-IBN, Sonali has her own Business with her Husband called "Awesome Snoozie", Sachin is in service, Ridhima is working with Accenture. Jaya, Tammanah, Pretti and Era are all house wives which is a very important job, Tanya is a Cooperate Trainer. As for me, you all know that I am a Blogger #DigitalGoddess as known on all the social media channels, Graphic & Fashion Designer as well as I have my own boutique *phew*

Most of us have become Mom's and Dad's which is most important job in world!!... How, time just flies by!!!

Let's go back in time a bit.... "A Blast From The Past"

School play that I participated in the year 1996-97. I am in the Red Shirt holding Binoculars, Ridhima and Kankana  are also participating..

Skit: "Good Fences Make Good Neighbours" 

School Farewell in the year 1999, I am wearing a Pink Saree..

 Rochak, Sonali, Abhijeet, Both the Neha's, Sheetal, Tushar, Riddhima, Dipika, Kapil are with me in this group picture... 

Our School, most of us bunked it from time to time, I was the champion in bunking all classes :)  Amen!!

See more school pictures on this link Cambridge School.

 Reunion Party on 25th of April, 2015 at Mainland China, Noida

Here are the pictures of the reunion as you can all see, it was a blast!!!..
Just Good Food & Friends..


All Those Who Attended:

Dipika Verma
Era Dogra Ghatak
Jaya Dhand
Neha Joshi
Preeti Bhatt
Ridhima Ralhan
Rochak Arora
Surabhi Lal
Sachin Rakheja
Sonali Kumar
Sheetal Garg
Tushur Mathur
Tanya Mathur Bhattacharya
Tamanaah Dasgupta
Varun Sood

Special Thanks to Tushar and Tanya for organising the Reunion, Hats off!!

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