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Monday, March 30, 2015

Yippeee, I got selected for #LakmeSchoolofStyle Online Fashion Magazine

Hip Hip Hurray!!!, March has been an amazing month for me…I was bombarded with hundreds of greatest fan mails and tweets ever for the blog post Altafeet and Springfeet, on twitter and on my blog and I also won two badges.

I have got another good news for all you beautiful readers, I got selected for #LakmeSchoolofStyle which is online fashion magazine on YouTube by none other Karan Johar, A.K.A. KJO who is also the editor in chief... now that’s a Hatrick!!

I was awarded  the She Blog Blogger Bee Badge for "high unique hits" by Smart Indian Women, not only that my interview was also published on their website and  I was also selected in the 11 member Blogger team of Harsha Bhogle called #BloggerDreamTeam via Blogmint 

#BloggerDreamTeam Campaign which kickstarted 40 days back saw more than 900 blog entries posted by bloggers across India and genres. From 931 entries only 11 bloggers have made it to Harsha's #BloggerDreamTeam and I was one of them. Now I am a Harsha certified blogger till March 2016. Very soon they will also announcing the top three *Fingers Crossed*!!

So, it was a very meaningful and a busy month. I was watching their You Tube Channel by the name of LakmeSchoolOfStyle and I came across some interesting videos that I wish to share with you. Kjo says in the beginning that March is all about Sculpting yourself and here is one of my most favourite videos on sculpting...

Masterclass: Jamuna Pai On Popular Cosmetic Enhancements | #LakmeSchoolOfStyle

Published on Mar 19, 2015
Watch Veteran Dermatologist Jamuna Pai talk about popular corrective enhancements for that sculpted look. Should you wish to opt for one, this "MasterClass" is a must for you.

Dr Jamuna Pai is a famous dermatologist in Mumbai practicing from the since 1993, that makes it 21 years in this field. She is a celebrity cosmetic physician, chairperson and founder of blush clinic

In this video she has discussed "five" cosmetic procedures and skin secrets of celebrities or anyone who is above 30+ and worried about aging can go for these treatments. Celebrities go for this even in their younger ages as they need to face the camera and harsh lights.. So, if you want  Aishwarya's ageless face or Anushka Sharma's perfectly shaped lips then you need to go through these treatments, don't worry all of them are safe and non surgical.

Five cosmetics procedure that are trending these days, they are all non surgical mainly for lifting purpose..

1st procedure: Thread Lift

  • In this procedure solvable threads are used for contouring.
  • They are placed strategically where lifting is required to cure.
  • Sagging jaw.
  • Double chin.
  • Firming of the neck and to to sculpt the face.
  • No need to to worry/Safe.

2nd Procedure: PRP Platelet Rich Plasma

  • Also known as the Vampire facial or Dracula facial.
  • Also used for hair treatment.
  • Patients own blood is used in this treatment therefore called the vampire facial.
  • 8-9 ml of blood is taken with a syringe in front of the patient and then it is centrifuged there itself.
  • So it is again a safe method.
  • The blood is not sent to any laboratory.
  • It is separated out into a platelet rich plasma.
  • They are mixed with growth harmones or stimulating factors and stem cell.
  • The blood is it is re-injected in very tiny amounts amount all over the face.
  • or any other area that the patient wishes to rejuvenate.

3rd procedure: Radio frequency

  • Procedure used in the tightening of the skin, external as well as internal.
  • It does not go past the skin.
  • No other organs are effected.
  • Safe.
  • Heat treatment is moderated according to the amount of heat the tissue of skin can take.

4th procedure: Botox

  • Botox not only it drives away wrinkles but also.
  • Used in severe migraines
  • Drives away excessive sweating of the underarms.
  • Beside medical purposes.
  • In youngsters botox is used to contour the jaw and to make it look thinner without any surgical procedure.
  • For a brow lift.
  • Or just to lift the tip of the nose called rotation of the tip of the nose.
  • To relax the jaw or to make it look thin.

>>>She also said that please go to an experienced & qualified physician dermatologist for this and it safe does not cause systemic poisoning, it is reversible and extremely safe!!

5th procedure: Derma Fillers

  • Derma fillers are popularly known as voluminisers as give volume to where it is lost in skin.
  • According to the density can be used in various areas and they are safe.
  • They are safe because they made up of a substance in your skin. 
  • They are made synthetically.
  • Thinnest one is used in the lips and under the eye area for sunken eyes.
  • To enhance the chin and jawline.
  • To create high cheekbones.
  • It is extremely safe.

As per Dr. Jamuna Pai these are the most popular cosmetic procedures that anyone can get done, She also suggested that one should comfortable about what they want to get done on themselves, if you want the glamour of the superstars on your face then these are the few treatments that you should go for provided you got to experience dermatologist with valid experience.

I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart for sharing her celebrity skin secrets and non surgical treatments available today on #LakmeSchoolOfStyle, because I had no idea about the Thread lift and Dracula facials, I did know about the other three treatments and because of this video I have a become a little bit wiser.

I do go to dermatologist regularly her name is Dr. Meghna and she runs her independent clinic here in South Delhi by the name of "Delhi Skin Clinic" where you can get the bottom three treatments done. She is a very experienced dermatologist and you can take an appointment with her anytime and google to find her number on the net.. if you live in Delhi and want an appointment with her go ahead, I highly recommend her. She is quite affordable..

>>>>The second video is my most favourite and a must watch!

Karan Johar Interviews 2-time Cancer Survivor | #LakmeSchoolOfStyle

Published on Mar 4, 2015
Watch Lakmé School Of Style editor-in-chief Karan Johar interview, Ruchi Gokhale, a new induct into the team of fabulous vloggers and a two-time cancer survivor. Welcome to the team Ruchi, you inspire everyone at Lakmé School Of Style!

KJO in this video says that March is a month of sculpting and sculpting for all.. contour jawlines, slimming silhouettes, today's generation is not just about sculpting their wardrobe but they also sculpt their future, bodies and their mind. He Introduced the youngest member of his vlogging team "Ruchi Gokhale" who is also a two time cancer survivor, Wow!! This girl is an inspiration to all....

Ruchi is 20 years old . She introduced herself as two time cancer survivor and she is proud of herself, and yes, she should be. Now she is free for an year from cancer her survival mantra was that she dint loose her self confidence used to apply some makeup to look good,  she also used to wear a scarf as she had no hair and applied kaajal; Because of this disease she could not go out shopping, so she used to shop online, smart girl!! 

Karan appreciated the fact that Ruchi didn't loose hope and did not succumb to the disease, did not for a moment loose her confidence to cancer. KJO was very proud of her and said "Nothing can end your road and nothing ends your journey, the one thing the helps you to get you out of it is little bit of self help" 

The second time Ruchi got cancer she used to wear wigs to look good her friend also gave her wigs and tips to style and she has a hell lot of "selfies" and pictures of that, how cute!! She used to visit a lot of hospitals, and saw that a lot people are confused about cancer and how to deal with it, they were loosing their self confidence, so she thought that if starts a channel on style for people who suffering from cancer they will gain a lot self confidence from her...

I salute and bow down in front of Ruchi's spirit, she never gave up and showed light to so many innocent souls.. who did not know their way, it was a very humble & brave thing too..I have not seen all her fashion & style video's yet but I am going to be her fan for life!! :))

Cancer is a painful and deadly disease, I have seen my grandmother succumb to it, she passed away on Feb 27, 2015 at the age of 94. Her condition was dreadful, we kept on running from one
hospital to another and then finally her treatment continued for two years at the Max hospital, Saket till she past away last Feb..

In the  last days of her life Nani Maa used to say- "mein to kodhi ho gayi hoon, mere baal bhi nahi hai, islieye tum log mujhe milne nahi aate" she was loosing her self confidence, looks, memory and mind. We were visiting every other day possible but she couldn't remember, cancer had gone up to her brain, it started from her lungs and ate away all her organs, she died of multiple organ failure. Cancer breaks a person inside- out.. not only her I saw a girl at the age 7 suffering from cancer, a mother 24 almost loosing her battle with cancer..

On her last day she called out for us, some how we all knew that she was going..we all ran to hospital, "I said Nani Maa I am here, she held my hand and smiled...I will never forget that moment...It was the most beautiful smile that I have seen in my life!! Such a brave lady. All the doctors in max loved her, took selfies with her as she was their best pal, I even got know that even the doctors and nurses cried when she past away, which is not a common scene in the hospital..

In last days of her life, she could see all her dead relatives, near and dear, that was when she made a sparkling revelation, she saw bright light everywhere, huge gardens blooming with flowers right in front her eyes," she saw heaven and showed us how it actually looked like" Thankyou Nani for giving us a glimpse of it. May her soul rest in peace....

Thank-you, KJO for selecting Ruchi in your vlogging team she is an inspiration to us all, she is indeed a very confident and  she is indeed a very brave girl and maybe she can teach me a thing a two about fashion and a little about self confidence too, which I keep loosing from time to time!!

I know how it feels like when you don't look good, I was a very fat kid in school...all the school kids bullied me called me fatso, bulldozer and ugly, then was something inside me said "I will show these people who I am...." I lost 15 kgs, started modelling ..won 8 beauty contests and I was the covergirl for womens era at the age of 16...

So this explains the motto of my blog, Don't let anybody steal away your sparkle!!

Love you Ruchi and Karan Johar - God bless you guys for making such  lovely videos  on  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle  and do not forget to subscribe :)

PS: KJO, I loved all your candyfloss movies and believed in them,  found the love of my life....

'This post is from the bottom of my heart' :)

'This post is a part of the  #LakmeSchoolOfStyle activity at is association with #Fame'


  1. I just saw ur comment on blogadda, lakme school of style post had to be submitted before 16th march, date is over for submission, thnks.

  2. Congrats...lots of wins for you in this month, love the header. :-)


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