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Friday, March 6, 2015

Rainbow Gujias Sweets for Holi Festival - Recipe!

Colourful or Rainbow Gujia for Holi!!

I received an astounding "1605 Likes" of this recipe post on Chef At Large, Thank-you for the recipe Nibha Saxena from Say Yes To Cooking, You Tube Channel...and Shruti Archit Saxena for sharing it!! She Inspired me to start cooking gujias :))) She is an amazing artist/cook herself when its comes to cooking. Her creativity is mind boggling!!

Facebook Page: Shruti Archit Saxena
You Tube Channel: Nibha Saxena


250 gms Green Chickpeas or Hara Channa.
250 gms Khoya.
250 gms Maida.
250 gms Suji.
250 gms Assorted Nuts - Kaju, Badam.
1 Cup Sugar or Sugar free.
4 Food Colours - Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Orange etc. 
1 Cup Milk.
4 Tbsp Ghee or Clarified Butter.
1 Kewra essence.
1 - Gujia Mould.

For The Mixture:

1. Grind Green Peas like a  paste in a mixer and then saute it with Tbsp Ghee in a wok till it turns brown in colour. Keep it aside let it cool.

2. In same manner saute Khoya till it turns golden and then add assorted nuts grounded coarse or powder and then add sugar to the mixture. Keep it aside as well and let it cool too.

3. Once both of them cool down, Mix them both to make the Gujia Mixture.

For the Dough:

1. Mix  two cups Maida and 1/2 cup Suji,
2. Divide the mixture in 4 equal Parts,
3. Add one part to a mixing bowl,
  a, Now add 4 drops food colour of your choice,
  b, 1 Tsp Ghee,
  c, Milk for kneading,
  d, And Kewra essence 4 drops,
  e, Mix the dough well.
4. Do the same with the other 3 parts with your choice of colour,

5. Make large rotis with each colourful dough ball by using a rolling pin,
6. Stick each of the roti's one above the other with the help of milk, spread it with the help of a brush,

7. Roll all of them together in large cylindrical shape,

8. Chop it into equal pieces,

9. Take each colourful dough piece and then again roll them into small individual small Roti's or Puri's,

10. Hold the Gujia Mould in your hands, Place puri on it add Gujia mixture, Close the mould to make gujia's, Make sure you press it tightly!

11. Repeat the Step 10 for all,

12, Fry them till oil till they start to float and become crunchy,


More Colourful Gujia Designs submitted on Chef At Large:

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