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Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Interview with

My Interview with SmartIndianWomen was published today, This is website of the women, for the women and by the women...first Indian website dedicated only for Indian Women. They write about women bloggers, achievers and entrepreneurs of India.

India has some really great bloggers, smart women out there that usually go unnoticed in this patriarchal society system. SIW's objective is to give women from all walks of life at par status and a platform to recognize their efforts and express their opinions.

My interview is live on this link: Interview - SparkleWithSurabhi

"Hope you enjoy reading the interview, Once again thanks and lots of love to my fans and followers."


  1. your feet are indeed amazing.......... plz make the new post quicker ..... the wait is just too much , esp. after you received the jewelry from amrapali , Please dont delay it anymore .....

    1. Thankyou, for your compliment and I am very sorry to keep waiting as my room was under renovation and I just moved in Today.. i am going to make a quick post this coming week as I am super happy today for winning two badges BloggerBee and #BloggerDreamTeam :)


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