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Friday, January 16, 2015

#KhudKoKarBuland - Birla Sunlife Insurance

“Khud ko kar buland itna ki khuda bande se kuch puche bata teri raza kya hai??”  An old saying in Hindi Literature that emphasizes on the fact that “a person should make himself bold enough so that no atrocity in life should be able to divert him from the goals of his life!!”

I have come across a lot of people over the period of time fighting their own battles. A stranger on a road might pass a smile at you though his aged mother is critical, maybe his dog passed away or maybe his son his suffering from autism. We are all fighting our own battles in some way…

When we all ask god and question him for our sufferings, we often say “Why me?” at that same point about 2 billion people also asked the same question to god!! How can we all blame it on god?….we all are here to fight our own battles to fulfill the sole purpose of our life.

An Extraordinary Story of An Ordinary Man.

There are two kinds of men. The first, who allow destiny to enslave them and dictate the fate of their lives. The second, those who humbly acknowledge the power of destiny, but do not allow it to dictate their lives. These are the men who believe they are authors of their life stories, painters of their life’s canvases, masters of their destinies. This is a story of one such man.

I recently saw  this video by Birla Sunlife Insurance uploaded on You Tube.

Where a Single Father discovers that his son is suffering  from autism, since he belongs to the lower income group it is impossible for him to pay for his son’s education in a special school of gifted children. Still whatever he could salvage on his own was provided by him to his son. He was very self-respecting man and he decided to work harder in order to pay for his son’s education even though he was offered help from his employer he refused. In later years of his life he was not only owned his own "Cycle Works Factory" but was also able to pay for his son’s education single handedly. 

Birla Sunlife Insurance Inspires everyone by this simple yet heart touching story that if your goals and will are strong then there is no such word as Impossible!!

You often must have read about and heard about these famous quotes:

>>>>> Heaven and Hell is a place on Earth!

>>>>> “Simple Living High Thinking!!”

 >>>>> Jo Dar Gaya Mar Gaya!!

>>>>> Winners don’t quit and quitters don’t win!!

We create our fate ourselves on this earth with our own deeds. If our dead’s are good then it shines if vice - versa we are doomed!!

Don’t loose hope even if you lost your pet you can always give street dog a warm home and start your life all over again.... 

If your aged mother is critical remember one day we all have to pass away, we are all here for a limited time, the vessel perishes but the soul always lives....

If you have son or a daughter that has autism always remember that they we are all here to learn our own lessons and this too is a blessing in disguise.... 

We can always teach children to have a normal respectful life.

We can all work hard and face the atrocities in life boldly and leave the rest to Birla Sunlife Insurance your partner in your bad times!!

Share Your Stories of Struggle and Victory  ---   #KhudKoKarBuland!!!


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