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Monday, November 24, 2014

Lammily Doll Real Life Barbie - Average is Beautiful!!!

In case you haven't noticed, there is a new Barbie in town and she is totally normal she does not have unrealistic proportions like the traditional Barbie. She enjoys adventure sports and ends up having stitches and bruised. She loves to eat cookies and cake and had loads of cellulite and fat around her waist  and thighs which is more realistic also her skins ends up breaking out into pimples and acne but she totally enjoys it as it is all part of growing up!!

Isn't she cool?

Here is a comparison study between them

Research says if Barbie would have been a normal person then she should have been Anorexic, she would not be able to lift her head and menstruate, She would have room in her body for only half a liver and few inches of Intestines also she would need support to walk on her legs as would not be able to carry her body weight.

So, you see girls... Barbie cannot be a normal person, a normal person would look more like Lammily
as nobody can have a tiny waist like Barbie and if she would then she would be sick and flat chested.

Second graders react to Lammily doll and they love her as she remind them of their sister!

Here is how Real life has fun!!

The real life Barbie has Acne on her forehead and she is cool with it.

She also has freckle and pimples on her cheeks.

A big black mole on her left cheek doesn't bother her.

She also eats a lots and stays happy!!

When she ends up having a fracture, she doesn't cry and gets it autographed by friends.

She also have cellulite on the thighs and she rocks it!!

Stretch marks on her tummy doesn't bother her .. she still smiles, its absolutely normal to have them.

She also has large scar marks and stitches.

She got a her body tattooed and she looks lovely with them.

She loves adventure sports and also ends up bruising herself..

Original Barbie VS Lammily Doll: A comparison and barbie has totally unrealistic proportions!!

Kids love to play with the new Lammily doll as she looks like a healthy and normal person !

 Patches of of Acne, cellulite, marks, scars, bruises. wounds, mosquito bite, scratches, moles etc can  be purchased separately to decorate your Lammily doll.

Lammily Doll is more beautiful and realistic than Barbie, just buy one for your little girl and tell her eating good food is very important!!

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