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Saturday, September 20, 2014

.•♥´Real Brides, Real Style!! - For The Love Of Feet - Mehendi, Anklets and Alta .•♥´¨`♥•.¸

I bring to you some exclusive of pictures of Reva submitted to me by her fiancé Ravi from their personal collection both of them love the art of decorating feet. Infact, Ravi fell in love with Reva one day becuase her feet and hands were decorated with Alta!!


Ravi has a very strong and alluring Foot Fetish, Especially the traditional decoration with foot jewellery and mehndi/alta was always his ultimate attraction.... 

He said "While dating  Reva, it happened so that one day she came in with alta on her hands and  feet which looked so gorgeous that it drove him crazy. That day I put the anklets and toe rings I had planned to gift her and finally planted a few kisses on her feet which was our moment of love.... Ever since we keep doing a lot of feet decoration and foot fetish play whenever possible and feet related things have become a major factor in our relationship.... Together with the other things like Face make up... Classical dancer make up, Bengali and Marathi look all started becoming a part of our fantasy...."

He says "I really feel that women these days care less for feet decoration compared to the olden days where alta and mehndi was a regular accessory in day to day dressing.... I think mehendi n alta go so very well with even modern attire like jeans skirts etc...."

PHOTO'S COURTESY: RAVI & REVA (Real Names changed on personal request!!)

"After looking at these pictures all I have to say is "When Heaven was full, Some Angels were sent back to Earth!!"

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  1. beautiful like those pictures. thanks for sharing would like to see more of yours. Belated Diwali .

    1. Please Check Mine on These Links :-


  2. hi surabhi ji I keep looking for new photos on yur site . I admire your lovely feetin those anklets everytime wish to see more. I hope you will upload more beautiful photos thanks for sharing the post.


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