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Friday, September 5, 2014

iLasik Surgery For Vision Correction 100% Bladeless. Pre & Post Operative Care and Precautions.

                                               Review on iLasik Surgery.

I was 13 years of age when the ophthalmologist told me that I have a number and I will need to wear glasses in future in order to read in school. Okay, the doc said you have -1 power in both your eyes spherical lenses, so you will need glasses to correct your vision in future whatever that meant.. that
time it was a foreign language for me ...

... It was disappointing but wearing spectacles was sort of fun as it was a total new experience for me the moment you would wake up you will feel "oh I am blind" and as soon I would wear my spectacles, viola that world became much more better place, but you know you always hate the spectacles deep down inside...

Some times you would need to clean it with lenses with a cleaning liquid for better vision but you would always hate it as the spectacles would not match  your beautiful dress in the party that  you have been invited to .. so, I finally preferred going to party almost blind without your spectacles and  in school your fellow class mates would make fun you calling you "chokhii" "4 akho wali" or whatever humiliating or derogatory sentences they would like to pass at you. Most of time it was your own siblings making fun you...

If you remember in 1992 the spectacle frames were some what like the sixies 60's like the one Mr. Shahrukh Khan and Shilpa Shetty was wearing in Bazzigar, Yup those were mine.

So, till my 10th standard I had no choice but to wear my spectacles and then came revolution of Contact Lenses and I got myself one in jiffy. It was very troublesome wearing them for  the first time but I got used to it and I felt to happy with the first of pair of contact lenses which allowed me see the world so clear without spectacles, without being called a "chokhi" and I could go to party without worrying about how I looked.

So, I got myself my first clear contact lenses from Bausch & Laumb, CP!! Yeah, It was a great feeling but  in the begining it was such a pain to put contact lenses in your eyes and  then leaving for school but soon I got used it was as easy as clean it, insert it, forget it!! So, I loved my contact lenses phase glasses were a pain in the ass...I had much better vision with contact lenses and to add more to it they available in variety of colours to match your makeup, dress , mood etc, they were called Cibavison.

I was in love with contact lenses. The second pair I bought were "Green" contact lenses from Bausch & Laumb again and I would  wear it 6 hours a day as they were powered with my number. Then over the years I tried other colours: Blue, Green, Grey.. and then came colourblends which looked even more beautiful and costed 6000/- INR with power for a year. I went  ahead and bought a green in that and it looked beautiful.

By 2000 came a new revolution of disposable ultra thin coloured contact lenses from freshlook, I went gaga over them they affordable like 1500/- with power and they used work for me for 3-6 months  also came the new era of ultra thin disposable clear contact lenses from acuve which become my personal favourite since 2005 as these were as comfortable as wearing nothing at all.  I cat napped in them and slept with them accidentally "oops" that would have been bad for my eyes!

Freshlook Gemstone Green Colour Contact lenses with -1  Power for both eyes.

I was very careful after that incident you are not suppose to sleep with them, that can dangerously dry out your eyes and cause infection and speaking of infection in my early years of wearing contact lenses,  I had trouble with them during monsoon seasons since your eyes specially dry lenses ended up giving infection twice during that season. So, I learned my lesson no contact lenses during monsoon  season  or wear them for the bear minimum time and keep using refresh tears!!

So, with all the negatives of contact lenses for all these years I was always madly in love them as I had no choice. I came to know about Lasik surgery in the early 1999's and I thought maybe  I should got for it however some my acquaintances told me that these lasik were turning out to be a failure for a lot of people and they would get their number back even after spending so much money on eyes this surgery did not help....Just when I thought that I could get rid of specs all hopes had suddenly disappeared. I also read an article in reader digest claiming the same with one such person in US.

Lasik was a big failure in the earlier years almost nobody wanted surgery and play with their eyes, many even said that you can go blind I dint know how much that was true. So, life went on for  me all these and from last 16 years I was faithful to my contact lenses. Until I heard from my aunt in 2008 that she got her Lasik surgery done and life is extremely beautiful for her now as did not have the hassle of spectacles anymore that's when I decided that I will be going for one  myself!!

Their was hope I could get rid of my number forever now but for some or other it just got delayed and again went very comfortable with my lenses. Till recently last year I started hating them.  I realized that I was spending way more on my spectacles, lenses and lens lubrication and cleaning liquid than the total expense of the surgery itself in two years time..


Acuve clear contact lenses 6 pairs of monthly disposables for - 3000/- (These would last for 6-8 months)

Liquid Cleaner for lenses from Alcon - 450/- (This would last for 4-6 months)

Freshlook Coloured disposable contact lenses with power - 1800/- for 2 pairs (This would last for 6 months)

Imagine spending all that yet not having perfect vision. So, I made up my mind this year to get surgery done on my eyes and get rid of spectacles and lenses forever which will help me to save that same amount of money for useful purposes minus hassles of running to shop and buying them  and running to ophthalmologist and getting your eyesight checked.

I met Dr Mathur from Shroff eye center, New Delhi this April and they did a series of test on my eyes to make sure whehter I was fit for Lasik surgery as when your cornea is too dry or thin,  Doctors do not operate on you. My results were good my eyes was 100% fit for a Lasik surgery which was for around 42000/- INR.

She suggested that I can also go for iLASIK Surgery instead of LASIK which is 100% approved by NASA AND US govt and was 100%  BLADE LESS and it was much more advanced than the traditional Lasik.

The traditional needed a blade to creat a flap in the eyes however in the new advanced technique only laser is used so it was much more safer for the eyes in the longer run...

Here is comparison between iLasik and The Traditional Lasik:

Lasik iLasik
Flap created in the eyes with a Blade - Painless.  Flap Created in the eye with the help of a Laser - Painless.
20 Minutes. 20 secs per eye - 15 Min Procedure.
Future Risks - Cataract, Glaucoma, No Contact Sports  Allowed. No Risks - You will never have eyes problems or spectacles.

Even when you get old, contact sports are allowed. eg - Karate.
Obsolete in U.S due to Future Health Hazards. 100 % Approved by Nasa.  
This Technique is used on Astronauts and  U S Airforce Pilots. Safe!!
Corrects Vision Upto - 8. Corrects Vision upto -12.
Common In INDIA. Exclusive In India.
Cost - INR 42000/-  Cost - INR 92000/- to 1 Lakh/-

"After understanding the advantage, I thought it would much better to invest now on eyes rather than going for cataract surgeries in old age. I don't mean to say that everyone that goes for Lasik gets cataract however it is better to have  iLASIK done on eyes as you will not face any complications with your eyes as you age."

"You might feel that ilasik is way to costly but imagine how much you will save by not going for future old age surgeries, you will never have to be  nearsighted or farsighted ever again in life."

"I got my iLasik surgery done Last month and it has been more than a week. I will recommend everyone to go for iLASIK surgery the results are 100%.  My eye sight is perfect nowand I can  even see the most minute things far away. iLasik Surgery is a 15 minutes procedure though you will get vision back right after the surgery it will take you a day to see correctly as your eyes get swollen after the surgery and you will not feel comfortable in bright lights and in sunlight for a couple of days. It is always advisable to wear dark sunglasses to avoid scarring of eyes after the surgery."

Your Doctors will tell you that it is 100% PAINLESS TREATMENT but let me remind you that no surgery in the world in 100% painless. It is finally micro surgery which happens in the matter of seconds with help of laser. You will feel pinching pain doing the surgery when the flap is placed back on the cornea and the Laser does not hurt at all.You will need  a pain killer before and after the surgery  also numbing eyedrops will put be in your eyes before the surgery starts. So brace yourself for 15 minutes and dont be scared of the laser. It is a very easy and super fast surgery!

  1. After the surgery. There will be burning sensation in your eyes for 4-5 hours however you can have another pain killer as advised by the doctor and go off to sleep. 
  2. Recuperation is key after this surgery. Many doctors will tell you that you can join your office on the 2nd day after the surgery however I would not advise as  iLASIK leaves the eyes very dry and sensitive and eye muscles take time to recover.  
  3. Many people did join their office on the second day and later regretted the decision as the surgery failed on such clients and they either had go for the surgery again or contact lenses had to be used in their case.

"Please remember that the doctors perform surgery on you and they do not have a magic wand. Any surgery done on body takes times to heal."

Your eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, so it will take its on course of time to heal as finally their are muscles in your eyes too. Please take 2 weeks off from your office for the surgery because the real problem starts after the surgery which is having proper course of antibiotics and various types of eyes drops which need to take on time so that your eyes can recover after iLASIK surgery.

Pre - Operative Precautions:

1. Light breakfast on the day of the surgery.

2. Please do not to do any eye makeup a day prior to the surgery.

3. Perfumes and deodorants should not be applied on the day of the surgery.

4. Stay of contact lenses for 2 weeks prior to surgery as they can cause severe dry eyes and then      the doctors cannot operate on you.

5. Your doctor will also advise to apply eye drops for two days before the surgery.

Precautions & Warnings After the Surgery:

1. Rest - Please recuperate for the first two weeks take an off from office for this time if u want the surgery to be successful many people who joined office right on 2nd day after the surgery complained severe eye strain and improper vision also many had to go for surgery again.

2. Do not wash your eyes, face and hair for a week, Take a bath below the Neck. Use "SystaneWipes" from Alcon to clean your eyelashes and face for the first 1 week. Avoid splashing of water into eyes upto one week.

3. Do not press your upper Eyelids, No direct of pressure should applied after the surgery. Please Wear eye shields in the night provided by your Doctor. Protect your eyes from Injuries and Blows.

4. Always wear dark sunglasses in Bright lights and Sunlight after the surgery. Carry it with you on the day of the Surgery as well.

5. Please do not apply any eye make up, facial makeup for a  month.

6. No Scrubs for a Month. You can use gentle face wash after a week.

7. No Swimming for a month. You can take brisk walks and floor exercises after a week of surgery. eg:- push ups, crunches and also walk up and down the stairs. Do not let sweat fall in your eyes.

8. No Contact Sports or Strenuous exercises till the doctor advises. eg:- kung fu, karate, disc throwing, cricket,shot put, long jumps, high jumps, acrobats. 

9. Astronauts and Pilots can start flying after 4 months of surgery and as per your organsational standards.

10. No long haul flights for a week after the surgery.

11. Eat a full diet!!

12. Meet you doctor on regular follow ups to see how your eyes are recovering from the surgery.

13. You can feel fluctuations in your eye sight and mild headaches for a week after your surgery.

14. Light Kitchen work can be resumed after 5 days.

15. Do not carry babies or children in your arms or even play with children and pets after the surgery for a week. They may injure your eye indvertently.

16. You may start driving after a week.

17. Please contact your Doctor in case of pain and severe eye trauma.

18. iLasik surgery cannot be done on pregnant ladies. Nursing and lactating ladies       should 
avoid it till the baby grows up.

If  follow the above guidelines after the surgery you will face no problem. I  am writing this article 14 days after my surgery today in 5th of September and I had my Surgery done on 22nd of August and I have perfect 6/6 vision and I no longer have problems facing bright lights in the night. I always wear my sunglasses during the day and I have started brisk walks and floor exercises.

"It is a great feeling when you wake up in the morning. No more struggling with your contact lenses or spectacles just ultra clear vision and comfortable life without any hassles. I highly recommend to go for iLASIk Surgery, It is worth it trust me!!"


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