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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Patrick Mavros Luxury Silver Jewellery - Fit For A Princess!!

Patrick Mavros is a luxury silver jeweller from Africa. He designs one of the most beautiful pieces of Silver Jewellery and Accessories for Men and Women. Along with that he also designs homestead and Objects d' art - beautiful sculptures to be displayed at your home made out of silver.

His jewellery is a symbol of "Romance and Adventure from Africa". Patrick have been designing and sculpting from the last 27 years and not only he created some of the most extraordinary silver sculptures in Africa, he has created around them an environment just as extraordinary, in which he lives and works. The workshops, the family homestead, the wildlife sanctuary, the offices and reception, together with his wonderful sales studio, are all built so as to form a small village on his estate in the wild hills outside Harare in Zimbabwe.

He was born and raised in Zimbabwe where he developed his own sculpture technic and uses the lost art of wax casting. Patrick continues to keep a close personal involvement with sale of his creations and people who purchase them.

I totally agree with the above statement as I received a wonderful warm response from him once I posted the picture of my jewellery on Instagram.

How to Care for Sensitive Clothes

Fashion is a great hobby, but with great clothing comes great responsibility. Most of the time, doing your laundry is a simple case of throwing your dirty clothes into the wash, adding some detergent and fabric softener, and enjoying the nice-smelling and clean results. Some fabrics, however, are a bit more stubborn than that. There is plenty of information available online on how to do your laundry and remove stains when you’re dealing with different fabrics, but to make things a bit easier, we’ve compiled a list of tips.

Things to keep in mind

• When in doubt, always follow the instructions on the garment’s care label. If says dry-clean only, or hand-wash, don’t experiment – you may freshen up your favourite dress at the cost of destroying it.

• If you’re trying a new cleaning method, particularly for stain removal, make sure to test the product and technique on a small, preferably hidden spot first in order to avoid damaging the fabric.

• Always separate your laundry by colour to avoid any accidents – but sorting your laundry can go further than just separating darks and colours. If you sort your laundry according to colour, fabric, and recommended temperature, you’re on the safe side.

• Wash especially delicate items (such as nice underwear) in pillow cases to avoid damaging the fabric.

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