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Monday, July 7, 2014

15 Places to Visit in Nairobi, Kenya - Out of Africa!

In case you have been wondering where I had disappeared in the last month?, Let me tell you that I was on my long awaited vacation or more of a adventure trip to Africa. I visited Nairobi, Kenya this year not only it is the capital of Kenya but also a bag full of surprises. Last year I was in Mombasa and I still miss the golden beaches of Kenya.

Nairobi City has a lot of surprises to offer in itself and also it is the nearest urban settlement to all the National Reserves Of Kenya where you can come face to face with the wildlife in their natural environment without any cages. They are closely guarded by KWS so that no poaching can happen however some unfortunate incidents do happen around every 3 months. Some poor Rhino or Elephant is killed by poachers just for their horns or Ivory as they still have lot of demand in the international market.

These conservatories or Game reserves have been created to reduce the number of poaching in Africa and it has significantly gone down with the help of the National Parks. Poaching in Africa if caught leads to death penalty also smuggling or purchasing of exotic skins and endangered animals can lead to Jail.

  "Kenya's economy thrives on Tourism without tourists, Africa's game reserves will not have much left to survive. The fees that you pay in these parks is utilised to protect all endangered species of Kenya from poachers."

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