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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Aishwarya Rai At Cannes Film Festival 2014 - Golden Girl!!!

Aishwarya Rai wore a beautiful golden gown from Roberto Cavalli at this year's Cannes Film Festival proving it one more time why she is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world!!

The Former Miss World sizzled at Cannes and everybody's eyes popped wide open....

She definitely looked like a golden mermaid out from the sea to bedazzle everyone!!

What Mr. Bachchan said after her appearance  :)

Bold Red Lips and Golden hot this season!!

Ash and other Bollywood actresses at the Cannes film festival A) Ash  B) Sonam Kapoor and C) Freida Pinto. Which one do you think looked better? I am sure that everyone will say that AISHWARYA looked best as she defies age and gives the younger girls of Bollywood a run for cover!!

Sonam kapoor tried very hard too make an impact however Aishwarya looked way better....

She was again criticized again by paparazzi  that she wore the same gown which was previously worn by Hollywood Actress Kristin at the Oscars last year. So, many of those rotten media people called her a Copy-Cat however I do believe that Ash certainly ROCKED THE GOWN.. better than the other actress ....and I honestly do believe that it was just an coincidence that she wore the same gown again.

Ash's appearance at the Cannes this year was certainly a landmark one and she looked like one the most beautiful woman to grace the red carpet this year!!

A Prince And A Princess...Made for each other!!

Ash's Previous Appearances at Cannes failed to create a major impact like this year. Simply because either she choose the totally wrong kind of makeup, outfit or hairstyle's which certainly didn't suit her personality.

Recently I came to know that she doesn't have a stylist which completely make sense of why she wore those horrible outfits on her first appearance at Cannes and after making so many mistakes she finally nailed it...

Ash please keep looking gorgeous like this in future too and we all wish that you do not repeat the horrible wardrobe mistakes of the past.

A Blast From The Past.. The Different Phases of Aishwarya!!

The Ugly.....Many people called her ugly and unacceptable at her first appearance at Cannes and she was heavily criticized by the media but many of them forget that the reason that her glow was missing  was because she met with an accident and fractured her foot and above all she went through a really bad, abusive and violent break-up with Salman Khan, whom she also blamed for her black eye.....

Yet, she pulled it through...People in this world have seriously lost compassion!!

The Better....

The Pretty..

Wrong Choices of Wardrobe, Makeup and Hairstyles...

The Pregnancy and The Shocker!!

Ash received a lot of criticism for gaining weight and very soon she broke the news that she was pregnant and then we saw the over weight Aishwarya Rai who shocked every one.. many people called her Aunty, Fatso...and other hideous course nobody would have thought that such a beautiful women would look like this in pregnancy and after delivery!!

Many people forgot the fact that she too is human and since she become pregnant in her young 40's. She probably had to take hormone injections to support her womb which led to the shocking weight gain!!..

 Please try to empathize with pregnant women as they go through lot of pain and sacrifice to bring a new life instead of calling them fat or aunty they really don't appreciate it!!

The Mermaid!!

Ash looked gorgeous this year after making so many mistakes in her wardrobe, makeup and hairstyles over the years....finally she made just the right choice...

Thumbs up!!

"Congratulations Aishwarya for looking so good at Cannes this year. We hope that get see more of you in the movies like this as well!!"

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