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Monday, April 7, 2014

Celebrate Durgaashtami With A New Pair of Shakha Pola.

It's the last day of Navratra's in the northern India today celebrated also as Durga Ashtammi. There are two Durga Ashtami's every year. One in the of spring - summers and one around Durga puja in autumn -winters.

My help-maid recently gifted me a new pair of Shankha Pola which she purchased from her village in Bengal. These are also called as "Senco Gold" which actually reflects and shines as gold however it is artificial gold or faux gold.

I fallen absolutely in the love with the running bel design they are beautiful!!! In real gold they would costed me a lot however these are only for Rs 110/- :)

 Buy one pair of Shakha Pola's today they look gorgeous!!... Happy Navratra's !!!

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