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Monday, March 10, 2014

Women's Day Celebrations!!

I celebrated women's day in the most gala way possible!! After enjoying a morning shower with Nature's co products. I bath everyday with the Nature's Co Body wash Vanilla which has the most amazing Vanilla Fragrance and not only that your bathrooms will instantly turn into a 5 ***** Star Spa...

Since it is also the onset of spring I wore floral jewellery earrings to match my outfit made with Roses and Mogra. I did not apply any perfume that day these earrings were enough :))

How To Celebrate Women's Day:

1. Bath with Nature Co's Products - Turn your Bathroom's to a Spa!!

2. Wore Floral Jewellery, since was also the onset of Spring!!

3. Pure Vegetarian Lunch At Sattvik, Select City Walk 

Select city walk is known for its brands and restaurants. Sattvik is an award wining Vegetarian restaurant where you really enjoy eating great vegetarian food for a change!!

Women's Day Out!! :))

Enjoying with Hubby :))

4. Purchased All-In-One-BB-Cream from BodyShop 

Though Body Shop is owned by Loreal, it is a cruelty free brand where you can purchase all that your your heart desires guilt free... The New BB Cream from  The Body Shop is truly amazing @1595/- for 25ml...

This BB cream adapts to your own complexion and nobody can make out that you have applied anything!!

5. And last but not the least I watched Queen The Movie - Starring Kangana Ranaut. 

A great movie to watch on women's day. Its already very big hit and after a long time a women oriented movie has hit screens and also won hearts!!

Kangana Ranaut looks beautiful with hardly any makeup look. Playing a girl from a conservative family of Rajouri garden after her fiance ditches her just before their wedding. She plans to go on her honeymoon alone where she realises her true identity for the first time and not only that when her fiance approaches her back for marriage she thanks him and returns the ring back to him. If he had not ditched her, then she would not have ever travelled alone nor she would have been able to stand up for herself like she did!!

Good movie to watch. Do not miss it for the World!! :))

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