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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Floral Jewellery Inspired by the Movie - Queen!

The Movie - Queen starring Kangana Ranaut is releasing tomorrow on 7th March 2014, The song London Thumakda and Hungama has already become a hit and also an anthem at most of the wedding's this season...

Kangana is also wearing floral jewellery in the song "London Thumakda" because of which I have been receiving many orders for floral jewellery inspired by this Movie. You can take a look at the pictures and song in the links below...


Queen Movie Stills - Kangana Ranuat wearing Floral Jewellery for her Mehendi Ceremony

Kangana is wearing a very interesting combination of roses, rajniganda and crysanthemum's which will look great on any bride... it is making a rave this wedding season!!!

Here are some of the designs inspired by this movie, which I recently created:

These designs are made with roses, mogra, dodi and motiya......

Hot pink roses and motiya flowers!!

Floral Jewellery Set made with Mogra and Roses!!!

Gorgeous Earrings!!

Floral Ring and Earrings

Mathatikka, Earrings and Rings....

I hope you enjoy watching The Movie- Queen its quite a laugh riot!!...also I really find kangana's floral jewellery a very interesting design...  I will be back with few more designs of floral jewellery which you can also choose for your wedding!!

PS: These are some of the Designs that I manufactured from 2012 to 2014, after that I have stopped manufacturing Floral Jewellery for Brides. 

Floral Jewellery adds beauty and charm to brides, sometimes even more than Gold and Diamond. Due to other work commitments, I do not design them anymore .. 

Congratulations in Advance.....


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  2. Hi Surbhi wat are the charges for getting floral jewelry made? I'm looking fr floral jewelry in delhi for a function.

    1. Currently I am not taking any orders as I recently had I lasik surgery....but I can take some from october....


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