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Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day - Affordable Couple T-shirts!!

I was browsing on google today and I was looking for some serious valentine's day fashion ideas, however all I saw was "Little Red Dresses", "Gowns" and "Naughty Lingerie" but then I came across something very interesting and unique to do as a couple.  How about wearing Couple T-shirt's they look extremely cute and are affordable for everyone!!

Lets take a look at some these amazingly adorable tee designs for him & her specially designed for Valentine's Day.

I love all of these designs, The concept itself is very romantic. In case you are planning to spend a lazy day together cuddling up at home or if you just want to hook up together over a cup of coffee, these tee's will turn out to be the best buy for valentine's :)

You can check out such t-shirts on:


I remember wearing these couple t-shirts, A pair was gifted to us by Kuredu Island Resorts, Maldives on her Honeymoon.

Me and Andy on our Honeymoon :)


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