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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Last Minute Valentine's Day Gifts....

Valentine's Day is tomorrow and in case you have not purchased anything for your loved one's then it is not to late to buy one for them now. I made a list of last minute valentine's day gifts which will be totally adored ....Somehow I feel that this Valentine's Day is a very special as it is falling on the date 14/02/14 which is truly unique...also it is a Friday a day of love, The day of Venus!!

This is a fail safe last minute valentine's day gift list and not to too corny.....

1. Chocolate Roses or Roses Bouquet By Choko La.

2. Heart Shaped Jam Cookie Box from Dolce' Amante.

3. Heart Shaped Donuts from Krispy Kreme'

4. Heart Shaped Donuts from Dunkin Donuts.

5. Valentine Theme - Cupcakes from Dolce' Amante.

6. Heart Shaped Box with Roses.

7. Red Heart Inflatable Balloons.

8. Heart Shaped Cookies from Dolce' Amante.

9. Teddy from Carte' Blache.

10. Heart Shaped Chocolates from Choko La and Archies.

11. Rainbow Cakes and Pastries from Dolce' Amante.

11. 3D Pop Up Cards from Second Nature.


12. Chocolate Roses and Heart Pops from Archies.

13. Buy a bottle of Red Wine for a Romantic Night.

14. Decorate Your Bedroom with Floating Candles.

15. Bake A Cake @ Home.

16. Teddy Chocolate Bouquet From Just Flowers.

17. Ferrero Rocher Bouquet.

18. Assorted Chocolate Bouquet.

19.  Half Kg Cake for Two.

20. Book a Table for Two for a Romantic Candle Lit Dinner [Always Works!! :)] or you can also decorate your home with candles and make a home cooked meal for two...

The last one is my favourite it always works..... I ordered custom made cupcakes from Dolce' Amante for my husband I think he will love them, also we have a booked a table for two at Tonino's for a Romantic Valentine's Day Dinner.....

Last Valentine's day was a surprise candle lit dinner as gift from my brother in Mombasa@ Tamarind Dhow which is also called a Love Boat, here are some of the pictures from that unique day!

I purchased a 24kt Gold Foil Rose for last valentine's from Jewelskart but is is no longer available there but you always try exciting they have something like this.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day and Don't forget to Say I LOVE YOU!!

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