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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream Review


Lakme CC Complexion Care Cream, claims "that it is an instant skin stylist and brings together all the goodness of your daily skin cream with the right touch of makeup to give your skin that looks styled by an expert."

And That it Instantly..
  • Protects
  • Moisturises
  • Brightens
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Conceals 
  • Freshens
  • and makes you party perfect

Well my review about the cream is that they selling a bag of lies this cream is so aweful that I trashed it in the dustbin today and I wasted INR 250/- They have hired some pretty models with really great skin and did a lot of photoshop in the pictures to fool all Indian women.

I use Photoshop, since I also do graphic designing, you will be amazed to see what all this tool could do. You can instantly turn a ugly duckling to a beautiful swan in a jiffy!!

I am on the fair side so, I used the beige shade,  it turned out to be too white for me nor does it brightens the skin, it just whitens the skin like a ghost. It clogged my pores and gave me greater number of Acne and Pimple breakout as I have an oily- combination skin. It smells like a really bad chemical when you apply it on your face. I used this cream for more than a month and then I  decided  to write a review.

I dint get any compliments when I applied Lakme CC Cream -  all I got to hear was "Did you white wash your face?" yuck that is an insult!!

  • It doesn't give you a rosy complexion maybe it protects with SPF.
  • It doesn't moisturises you skin, My skin felt stretchy
  • It doesn't brightens your skin, it whitens your skin  like a ghost.
  • It doesn't give you an even toned complexion, its patchy.
  • It doesn't conceal dark acne marks they are easily visible. You will need a makeup concealer to hide them preferably orange or peach in colour by NYX, Mac, Kryolan or Makeup Forever.
  • It might make your skin look fresh but it smells crappy!! :(((

Though Lakme is a leading Indian Brand but I find most of its products useless. They have no quality at all and please don't waste 250/- rupees  on this shitty cream, burning them will be less painful!! Just buy a a bottle of Lacto calamine instead. Even doctors recommend it!!

I have recently read a lot of blogs, writing raving reviews about this cream and that it is magical,  I think it is all a pack of lies ladies, I think these women are being paid by Lakme to write good posts about their cream or they have  a really bad taste in cosmetics and makeup.

Please check the ingredients in the Lakme CC Cream carefully, it has parabens and an awful smell when you apply it to your face. 

I do not recommend it. You might think that it comes in your budget but this cream may damage your skin in the long term and then even the most expensive treatments might not give you any results!!


My Verdict: Avoid Lakme CC Cream as it may damage your skin in a long term!!


Bourjois BB Cream is the best out of all of these, it doesn't smells also covers and protects for 1075/- and colorbar for 550 which is paraben free!!



Of all the BB and CC Creams Available in India Lakme' CC Cream  is the Worst!!

You can try many other better brands like Bourjois CC Cream for 750/-  and BB Cream for 1075/-, or The Body Shop BB Cream for 1375/- , Colobar BB Cream which is Paraben Free!! 550/ - these brands will cost you more but they certainly will not damage your skin in the long term.


  1. Truth be told,Lucy Liu Skin Care they accomplish more mischief than anything, with certain fixings causing hypersensitivities, stopped up pores, skin break out, and even some negative consequences for the focal sensory system.

  2. lakme cc complexion results are very good. I am using it from last 6 months and i bought it from Souq


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