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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Celebrate Valentine's with Zoya Boutique from Tanishq!

Valentine's is just around the corner ladies, so your grab hold of our husbands and take them to nearest Tanishq Store. Check out their beautiful Zoya collection exclusively available in Mumbai and Delhi, It's gorgeous ....Zoya by Tanishq is a exquisite diamond jewellery brand with luxurious touch!! 

Zoya, a contemporary diamond jewellery boutique from the house of Tanishq, has gradually carved a niche for itself in the market. Its uniqueness lies in the variety of its thematic collections—namely the Rajasthani, Grecian and Japanese collections—that have proven a consistency that exudes originality and creative designs.

Every Zoya Boutique is more than a jewellery store it  is a symphony of Art!!  You can also shop online where you will also get gift vouchers. I recently shopped at Tanishq Store and they gifted me a box of chocolates for Valentine' check this collection out please visit the following link: or

And so tempting, perfect for this season ....  Eat, Pray, Love!

Bon Appe'tit!!

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