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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking Care of Cruelty-Free Fashion.

Cruelty-free fashion is something a lot of us are very proud to support. We buy ethically sourced, animal friendly clothing, accessories and make-up. But how do you clean and dry your ethical fashion items to keep them looking as good as new? What is the best way to care for your cruelty-free clothing? This article covers several of the main categories of humane fabrics: fur alternatives, leather alternatives and silk alternatives.


General Points

·         Before you get to work cleaning your new garments, always read their clothing care labels to determine firstly the type of fabric in the garment, and secondly the safest washing and drying conditions for every item.
·         When using a specialist stain remover, always test a discreet part of the fabric to ensure that the remover won’t stain or damage the material.
·         Turn your fashion garments inside out before putting them in the washing machine or dryer. This is to prevent the garments from snagging during the agitation or spin cycles.


Faux Fur

Aside from the most obvious benefit of owning faux fur – which is that it doesn’t come from animals – synthetic fur is a lot easier to clean and look after than its real counterpart. Faux fur can even be cleaned in your washing machine at home.

Faux fur needs to be cleaned separately from the rest of your laundry. Fill your washing machine with warm water and add a mild detergent. Soak your garments for 15 minutes in the machine. If the garments are clean after those 15 minutes then drain your drum and start a gentle spin & rinse cycle, being careful not to agitate the faux fur when drying.

Once the excess water has been removed, hang up the faux fur pieces and allow them to air dry. Use your hand to mold the fur back into its original shape as it dries.



As with faux fur, leather-free or “leather” garments can be cleaned and taken care of at home.

You don’t have to do much to keep your plastic-based (PVC) leather fashion clean: all it will need is a wipe with a damp cloth to remove the majority of stains and dirt.

When it comes to giving your leather-free items a more thorough wash, use a mild soap-based detergent. You can either clean the items in a cold hand wash, or with the “delicates” spin cycle of your washing machine.

In the case of more permanent stains on the PVC leather, all you will need to clean them up is either some rubbing alcohol or hairspray. Carefully dab your chosen stain remover onto the affected area, then wipe clean with plenty of water.


Nylon and Polyester

Nylon and polyester fabrics are both used as ethical alternatives to silk. Both fabrics are machine washable: warm water and standard laundry detergent is the most effective way to clean them.

"Cruelty-free clothing is already an easy choice to make. With the correct knowledge, looking after your ethical wardrobe and keeping it at its best will be just as simple!"

Guest Posting by Charlotte @ Surf Excel.

Thank You!!

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