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Monday, December 2, 2013

Tanishq Platinum Love Bands - We Celebrated Our Platinum Day Of Love!!



Platinum Love Bands is probably one the most beautiful way to express your love to your sweetheart. If it's your Engagement, Wedding Anniversary or Valentine's Day there is no replacement for a platinum love bands. I always wanted to gift on of these to my husband. Since it's our anniversary today we decided to gift each other platinum love bands and purchased them from the Tanishq....

There is huge collection of platinum bands available on the website for indian consumers and I will suggest that all you love birds to go ahead and invest in Platinum for change. All bands made with platinum are extremely classy, precious, unique and a cut above the rest just like your one true love!

Platinum Love bands are quite affordable. There is also a platinum solitaire collection which is a little expensive range but there's always one which you can afford to buy.

Naturally white platinum never fades or tarnish with time just like your true love!!

"This Anniversary, We celebrated our platinum day of love.. When are you celebrating yours?"

A Platinum Day of love is the day when a couple discovers real love that begin and never ends. A true love that is everlasting....

Platinum Bands of Love....

"Platinum does not fade away with time, Just like your True Love!!"

  Available at Tanishq: INR 19000/- above


  1. Hey Surabhi, my husband and I actually bought our Platinum Love Bands as our wedding rings and we haven't regretted it. And what fun we had selecting them out! I hope you're still enjoying yours post your anniversary!

    1. Wow, Pallavi your husband actually bought those love bands!!..Now, enjoy everlasting love!!....
      Yes, I love mine it's simple, elegant and beautiful!! Just perfect for urban life.....

      Enjoy wearing your love bands they are timeless!! :)


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