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Friday, December 27, 2013

My eBay Shop!!

Hello, I have recently started selling on eBay too, you can contact me on seller ID: Surabhi Couture or Write to me at Currently I only ship to India but soon I will start shipping worldwide as well....

I have recently placed two item on sale on eBay both are available on Free Shipping.

Ramleela Deepika Padukone Earrings!!

Shop now!!

Zirconia Chandelier Earrings:

Shop Now!!

"If you looking for any kind of particular jewellery design do contact me!!"


  1. Hello,

    I cannot ship internationally through due to their policies but if you like any design then I take it off ebay and ship it directly to you. I will ship Large Necklace Sets with DHL only which is $30 shipping to USA...and small earrings will be sent by India Post so it will be just $2 shipping to USA.

    You can currently see my listings on by the seller id:surabhicouture, Please email me if you need anymore details.


  2. I can also send you large necklace sets with registered India Post which will cost you $21 to USA

  3. The sets of necklaces you shared in the post looks very nice and beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing such a nice post.

  4. Hello! I am interested in buying the ramleela earring . Can I know its cost?

  5. My spouse and i relished the skilled method of composing this article. Thank you, you get the idea feasible for myself to comprehend. I'd like to say thank you a great deal regarding talking about this kind of valuable facts.Shopping eBay

  6. Hello..i wana buy deepika earrings.. can u deliver in pakistan? Or in australia?

  7. Replies
    1. I cannot ship through eBay but we can definitely make a deal through paypal!!


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