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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Freshlook Colour Contact Lenses - Gemstone Green and Turquoise Blue Review!!

Since it is a festive and wedding season and there are many bride's to be and women experiment with there looks at lot during this time, I thought about writing a review on Freshlook Colourblends Coloured Contact Lenses. A fresh new colour on your eyes makes a fresh new you!!

I have always been a contact lenses wearer and since I have number of -1 for my eyes I usually wear lenses. I have always loved wearing colored contact lenses as well and I have worn many brands since 1997 and at that time only bausch and lomb was available in the clear contact and coloured contact lenses range. I have used many brands and Freshlook Colourblends truly stand out and are available for the price of 800/- in the Indian Market, these are 15 days disposable lenses.

Freshlook Colourblends are probably one the most famous, most successful and one most beautiful natural looking coloured contact lenses ever made. These disposable lenses and very comfortable to wear since they are very thin. So, the oxygen supply in eyes remains more for longer. I have used colours like Green, Blue, Sapphire Blue, Turquoise and Gemstone Green from the wide range of freshlook colours and they are look beautiful on me as they very natural looking lenses and people will be never able to guess your true eye colour. My favourite from all these colours have been Gemstone Green they look amazingly beautiful on me and I am repeating customer for this shade and I think  I will still keep on buying it for years to come!!

For First Timers:

Many Indian women reported that they are too Jazy however if you are on the lighter side of complexion then they will look great on you. There's also a myth that these lenses are uncomfortable to wear. If you are first time wearer then you might feel some discomfort with them but soon you will get used to them. Make sure you clean your contact lenses nicely. I use opti-free Replesnish by ALCON which is a multipurpose disinfecting solution and its retains moisture to your lenses for enhanced comfort and store your lenses in the storage boxes provided along with the packing.


Since it is a wedding season here in India I would definitely recommend all bride to go for these lenses they look awesome on your wedding or reception day, You will love wearing them!!

I am wearing Gemstone Green and Turquoise Blue lenses in the pictures below.

I am a regular user of Gemstone Green from Freshlook you can take a look at the pictures below!!

I wore Freshlook Colourblends - Turquoise on my wedding reception and on my honeymoon, they looked great!!

  On my Wedding Reception!!

 On my Honeymoon

Comparison Turquoise VS Gemstone Green

Which one do you like more?

I have been using coloured contact lenses since the last 16 years and the only time these lenses might harm your eyes is when:

  • There is less moisture.
  • Longer wearing hours more than 10+ hours.
  • If dirt or makeup falls in your eyes.
  • Lenses become a little uncomfortable during monsoon season.


  • Try few colours at the store before purchasing as certain colours might not suit your complexion and face structure.
  • Wash you hands before cleaning the lenses.
  • Clean your lenses nicely with the sterile solution before using.
  • Apply makeup only after inserting the lenses in your eyes.
  • If any makeup particle or dirt enters your eyes remove your lenses and clean them again before inserting them again as you can scratch your retina.
  • Please do check expiry date on your coloured contact lenses and the solution before purchasing as this is the matter of the health of your eyes.
  • No coloured or transparent lenses in world can make you blind this is a myth!!...
  • Please do not wear your lenses more than 10 hours.
  • Keep your lenses clean and wash your eyes daily with cold water.
  • In case of any discomfort or redness in eye remove your lenses and go to ophthalmologist to check for allergies.

I love using Freshlook Colourblend Lenses they are extremely comfortable, natural looking and affordable .. I would recommend these to all Indian women to add glamour to their face and these look great on any occasion specially with a matching bridal outfit!


  1. Actually I love them both on you! The turquoise blue looks super natural. But the gemstone green makes you look exotic. You are pretty on both colors.

    1. Thankyou, Have you tried wearing coloured contact lenses recently?

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  2. The gemstone green does not look natural at all. It looks so fake...

  3. I have lens and i love blue colour lens..Thank you for sharing this.. freshlook lenses online india

  4. I love these colors. May I ask how you take care of your contacts? Do you use contact lens solutions?

    1. Keep them clean. Use a good contact lens cleaner!! Keep you eyes hydrated...

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