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Monday, November 25, 2013

Floral Jewellery - A Big Surprise for November Bride!!

I got call from Priyanka in the month of October that she was interested in purchasing floral jewellery for her sister's wedding in November.

She was interested in the Aishwariya Rai Floral Jewellery Set, however I suggested her that she should go for the Princess Set which is also displayed on my website and is much more beautiful!!

Priyanka did love the pictures and told me to book the princess set for her sister, she also wanted something for a nine year old daughter like a pair of earrings though it was last minute request but I somehow salvaged it. I met her sister, The Bride yesterday at the M.K.Farms, Ghirorni where her function of mehendi was scheduled and it was a beautiful farm to have a mehendi function at and Priyanka told me that the her sister has no idea about the Floral Jewellery, it was a surprise for her!! how wonderful and lovely thought ....

Floral Jewellery does make a beautiful surprise for bride's. If you have a wedding in your family then gifting floral jewellery is not a bad idea at all!!.. In fact it really makes the bride feel really special....

I know since I have seen the expression of many bride's change when they see floral jewellery ..It just makes their day!! You can also order floral jewellery for your loved ones but please give me a weeks time as becomes really difficult to manufacture floral jewellery sets in such short periods of time....


A Surprise for the Bride!!

You can take look at the floral jewellery - Princess Set...

Necklace and earrings.


Bracelets with Rings.


Earrings and Matthatikka made out of roses for priyanka's daughter.

PS: These are some of the Designs that I manufactured from 2012 to 2014, after that I have stopped manufacturing Floral Jewellery for Brides. 

Floral Jewellery adds beauty and charm to brides, sometimes even more than Gold and Diamond. Due to other work commitments, I do not design them anymore .. 

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